Summer Time Promises


I woke up before 7 this morning.  The trouble is, I was up until 12:00 last night and I was tired.  The bright sunlight was hitting my sensitive eyes, and even though I still saw faces of my dream people from last night, my brain was telling me, “You can’t sleep much longer.”  It’s just as well.  Those dream faces were spooky.  So maybe I don’t need to get thicker drapes after all!  I certainly need to re-adjust my sleep habits.  Lack of sleep can make a person anxious.  I’d much rather wake up calm, feeling well-rested.  As an educator, I get the summer off (Or, I work a fun job for the summer, but not this year).  This leads into my first promise to myself.  I am creating a list of promises that I must keep this summer, since they are all related to my mental and physical health.  Putting them in writing is the first step to making them a reality.  So, here they are:

  1.  Start going to bed earlier.  My son will be getting up early for work anyway, so I might as well.  Plus, if I get up earlier, I can get in on the beauty of morning sunlight!
  2. Witness at least one sunrise this summer.  It could be on a walk with my dog, or an early trip to the beach, very early, that is.
  3. Since I am bothered by the morning light in my eyes, having a bedroom that gets light from the east in the a.m., I won’t write (or edit) as much at that time; I think I’ll get myself on a schedule, and these morning hours would be great for, an outdoor walk with the dog!  Reading on the treadmill at the gym! Reading on the couch! Maybe I’ll watch my X-files reruns or Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix in the other room.  That’s just a few.
  4. Cleaning and organizing around the house.  Because of writing my latest ebook and setting a goal that my pride wouldn’t let me forget, I kind of let a few things go.  It’s time to sweep up again, to say the least!
  5. Yoga, twice a week, or more
  6. Work on the 200 page manuscript I hope to publish in a year
  7. Blog more regularly.  I’d like to contribute to Jacqueline’s Thursday “Around the Neighborhood” photo posts! (She is the blogger behind
  8. Send a short story to a paying publication
  9. Get a little sun, without getting sunburned
  10. Fun!  Hear an awesome live band
  11. That spa day I have been putting off
  12.  Spend social time with some friends I haven’t spent time with in a while
  13. Dance.  Even if just once!

14. Number 14 is pretty ambitious and I may have to let it go if it doesn’t work out.  My 20 year old son does not converse with me much anymore.  I would like to get him to read one of my stories, and/or, get him to perhaps write a story of his own.  He has a way with words, and the imagination, but it has been seriously blocked for a few years.  The other option is to have him help contribute to my manuscript, because I am writing an explosion scene and really want to get it right!  He has read all sorts of military dramas and told me he’d be able to explain it.

15. Let’s not forget:  reading!  I am part of a book club.  I love to read.  Summer is the best time to do this!

16. This follows on the tail of #15, because reading is just about the only thing I do without trying to multi-task.  I want to spend more time giving all of my attention to doing one thing, and doing it well.  Be it writing, promoting my writing, cooking dinner, and talking on the phone (I have to get better about that)!  I will be so much more relaxed if I can follow through on this goal, even if just for the summer.

17.  Get a passport to replace the one that expired years ago.  This is important to my mental health, because it is part of a dream.  I want to travel abroad.  Maybe this one little step will motivate me to work and save for it.  It most certainly is a practice in optimism!

Is that all?  Well, I am sure something else will be added, but I have to make sure I meet all of these first!

Author: PamelaS.Canepa, Writing and Living

I am a writer who also teaches reading and writing, currently. In 2016, I self-published an e-book and its sequel, and I am learning the art of self-promotion. I published a full-length time travel novel as of 6/16/17 and its sequel in the summer of 2018. Life is a trip, and writing is the best escape for me! Learn about my award-winning sci-fi novel, Detours in Time, on Amazon: Visit me at

24 thoughts on “Summer Time Promises”

  1. Thank you for this post, perfect sunday reading , inspiring, go-getter , motivating. Most enjoyable what I needed to read. Good luck with your e-book endeavors. I haven’t embarked on e-books yet, but I did a bit of reading around how an e-book is classified as software and the consumer has to pay VAT on it (well at least here in the UK). I would like to follow you on your ebook journey.


    1. I love the fact that I can easily download a new book and don’t have to store it anywhere but on my Kindle! I keep books on there for years, and sometimes will re-read! I always have my “next book” already loaded! It just has fed my book addiction!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that is the beauty of kindle, no need to worry about storage, that is one reason I go kindle. But, I will always be a bit like the feel in the hand and reading in bed.


      2. Agreed! I alternate between the two. However, someone gave me a paperback as a gift and the print was so small! It makes it evident I need glasses…Trying to put that off! 🙂


      3. Have read your plans, often plans go awry. In my case, more often and into my second year of upheaval. I would like to read much more. Long ago retired, there us still not enough time. I read in bed but am so tired, that my Kindle fets dangeroysly near the edge of the bed. I blog regulaly, normlly but thus month, nah! Just poate my first for June. Painting takes some of my time, a does a certain person. Such is life. Evelyn


      4. Isn’t it wonderful, though to have so much to do! Reminds me of a Nikki Giovanni quote that I need to bring out again. I guess the main goal is to do it while we are still here. I am now 48, and something has moved me….I want to do it and I cannot wait anymore. Two e-books published this year, but I will take my time on my next manuscript that I plan to put into print and e-book, though I will work on it every month. It has been so good for my head to do the things I’ve long dreamed of. I used to get an idea and then lose it. I used to dream and tell myself, I’ll do that one day… At any rate, it is awesome that you also paint! I met my goal for the second e-book, but am not setting a date for my manuscript. That should be easier on me! Nice to meet you, BTW!


  2. I’ve been thinking about the summer too lately. As a teacher I’ll be off as well for the summer. I haven’t made plans or promises to myself yet. My youngest is moving into her first apartment, so that’ll be an emotional road trip. I have a notebook picked to take with me, in case I get a moment to write some of those emotions on paper. It’s so nice to meet other teachers here on WP! Wishing you a beautiful day 🙂


  3. I just wanted to let someone know: After a conversation with my dad, it appears I can add another city to my sunrise bucket list: Keyflavik, Iceland! We lived there when I was 3-4 yrs old, and I thought I recalled fishing with him at sunrise. He told me, at certain times of year, sunrise would not be until 10:30 a.m., so, of course, I did see some sunrises there, and my memory is correct! That makes four cities now, and I hope to add a fifth city in August! (Referring to my bucket list item, added in Feb./March blog post, to see the sunrise in 50 cities before I die, and hopefully, even many more than that).


  4. Hi Pamela,
    I know Jacqueline. I am a teacher too. I also have a list of things I want to accomplish this summer which I keep in my smartphone on a memo.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked my Blogger’s Pit Stop post. I would have been over sooner to thank you, but the Internet is glitchy on the cruise ship I am on.


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