Vacationing off the Beaten Path


This was my view from my back porch each day, perfect to accompany breakfast and coffee!

I thought I’d be writing this post about another check mark on my bucket list.  My goal is to see the sun rise in 50 different cities.  I am at about five.  So this would have been Warm Springs, Ga, number six on my list.  Only, the sunrise was terribly elusive, the weather was very misty, and the massive tree coverage would have impeded the view, anyhow.  Not that I would trade the trees for anything.  They added to the relaxing atmosphere.  So, instead, I am writing about how good it is sometimes to go somewhere off the beaten path, away from the crowds, and how much I enjoyed the views and the slow-paced vacation on Pine Mountain and in Warm Springs, Ga., which is, by my calculation, the closest place where I can get the mountain experience.


This place has a lot of history, it being the once frequent vacation spot of President FDR.  He went there for the relaxing mineral springs, which seemed to ease troubles arising from the polio in his legs.  We visited FDR’s little White House, his home away from home, which was quite interesting.


The town of Warm Springs was very quaint, with a lot of historical touches, but they really need a revival of tourism.  Maybe it was just slow due to the start of school, which was a little earlier for them than our schools in Florida.


Nature’s beauty was quite plentiful at Callaway Gardens.


Even when the weather was stormy, this place was beautiful!  We’d just sit on that back porch and watch the rains come tumbling down.  And it did rain, every afternoon I think, although it was after we’d worn ourselves out with outdoor activities or swimming, so we were ready to relax when the rains came.


The mountains in our view were not directly west of us, so the sunset was behind the tall trees.  We got just a peek, but it was oh, so lovely.

Never mind the sunrise.  It would have been at the other corner of the building, and the two mornings that I woke up early enough were terribly misty and foggy, I would not have seen it anyway.  It’s just as well.  I got plenty of other beautiful views.  This vacation was just what I needed!



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