J is for John Malkovich. #AtoZChallenge

JohnMalkovichBincCrCommonsth (2)

Photo courtesy of Bing Creative Commons.

Today’s post is just for fun!

J is for John Malkovich.  Allow me a brief moment for some fan-girling.  He has seen me through the decades.  Making Mr. Right, Dangerous Liaisons, Being John Malkovich, and that one series about Blackbeard that could have been better but drew me in because he was in it.   His acting fits a wide range of genres.  Light sci-fi, sardonic sci-fi, magical realism, Historical fiction, and he is memorable in each one even when he wasn’t the lead character.  Do you remember him in “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”  He was just a little scary, but definitely memorable.

He sure can fake an accent.  I was convinced for years that he was French.  More recently he has brought us his loose cannon character in R.E.D, and he was good at it, radically.   My interest in this actor probably gives away my age.  And why do we watch the career of such an acting dynamo?  Escape from our everyday lives, my friend.  The very thing that awaits me the moment I finish this interlude.

**The AtoZ Challenge theme for my blog is “Who I am.” Yes, it’s wide open.  In April, I will blog from A to Z to include little tidbits about me, poems I’ll share, and stories. Each day I will write something based on the next letter in the alphabet.  It’s been fun so far, yet it has really given me a chance to pause for reflection as well.

Want to know more about the A-Z blog challenge?  Visit http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com



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