Silent? #poetry


(c) 2017, Pamela Schloesser Canepa

I am only silent

since I think before I speak. 

I am only silent   

because I’m not ready.  Don’t rush me. 

I’m silent because I think things through,

because there is so much, 

Not because I’m less than you. 

I’m silent not because there’s nothing there, 

but because there’s so much there

beyond this moment.

When all is shuffled and well-placed,

I shall no more be silent.




Author: PamelaS.Canepa, Writing and Living

I am a writer who also teaches reading and writing, currently. In 2016, I self-published an e-book and its sequel, and I am learning the art of self-promotion. I published a full-length time travel novel as of 6/16/17 and its sequel in the summer of 2018. Life is a trip, and writing is the best escape for me! See my latest novel, Detours in Time, on Amazon: Visit me at

3 thoughts on “Silent? #poetry”

  1. Wonderful! It could be a prayer for all of us to spend more time being silent ( really listening to another person ). Prayer, meditation, quiet time…..could be so beneficial, yet it seems we are bombarded constantly with ” noise ” …. Whatever noise might be for each person. Thank you for sharing your gift!

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  2. Prayers for your ” pensive season ” and what it is you will discover or have revealed to you! On my blog, I share how hard it is for me to quiet myself. I see prayer as a conversation and if I’m not quiet, how can I possibly hear God’s whisper? There is purpose for your time . Don’t be rushed! The poem is wonderful and I especially like the last two lines! Thank you for sharing your gifts!


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