Weekend Coffee Share. Cafe Music and Pre-Springtime State of Mind

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share! The sun is shining through the window blinds on this crisp morning, and the cafe is the place to be! My ‘cafe’ is currently playing songs by Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, and there’s a click of my dog moving about on the floor until he settles at my feet again. It all sounds heavenly to me. I haven’t “hung out” in a real cafe in quite some time. So, I’ve created my own. We’ll converse virtually.

It’s a coffee drinking day! I have abstained from coffee for the last four days, due to my desire for better sleep and less anxiety or stress tension. I don’t think coffee is the whole problem, but I promised myself I would drink the green matcha tea more often, as it fuels me enough and is supposedly healthier. Still, this is my reward today, since I slept great last night and actually, most nights this week. Coffee goes so well with Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares for Me.” Piano and/or horns and a sultry voice just bring Spring closer to my heart.

Spring is scratching on our car windows, flirtatiously telling us she is near. “Be ready,” she calls. A rainy week has washed a lot of pollen off of our cars and into the streets. Florida is confused, but heck, that is nothing new. Having lived here since I was eight (with an 8 month misled venture out to OK for the sake of love), I’m used to it. Last night it got close to the thirties but our Florida sun is brightening this day.

I went along, day after day this week with a number of gray, rainy days. Having Monday off was great. Wednesday after school I had the Newspaper Club meeting. We accomplished a lot, I believe! Some are unsure of themselves with writing, so I pair them up, and it has helped. I am trying to make it a welcome place for anyone to find their voice. This was the third week. On the evenings after Newspaper Club, I am pretty tired. I get to bed and fall asleep with ease, and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I get right to sleep. It is good work, something that I am enthused about and that is turning out to be really good for me.

It’s becoming clear to me that I write a lot about my struggles. That’s because I am human. When I am honest with others about that, they are more honest with me. Add to that fact that, my struggles that I’ve overcome are a part of who I am. In my everyday life, I am teaching students who need to feel comfortable expressing themselves in my classroom, so I believe this is beneficial.

Keeping things in or hiding things about ourselves is difficult, too difficult. It results in us alienating ourselves; I know, because I did this drastically four years ago, when my son went through a really hard time with emotions and mind issues after a car accident and head injury. I felt like a failure as a parent. There were struggles he had with himself and that I had with him in the household. I kept so much bottled inside and felt really depressed since I was bottling up the stress. Not very healthy.

Glad that I’m beyond that, I have a few close friends that I can confide in. His struggles are much better, and he has held down a job for two years. I see that I wrote a lot about my stresses back then as well, and that’s a good thing. It helped me to hang on.

Having gone through the shoulder injury last year and educating myself on dealing with arthritis pain has helped me acquire healthier habits. There is a true link between anxiety, body tension, and pain. I’m still working on all of it.

Writing is sporadic, but I will not give up. Perhaps I will move more into autobiographical writing. Journaling is a more frequent process for me in “getting things out.” Blogging is a sort of journaling. It’s all good.

The sunshine outside my windows is representing my current state of mind. I’ve gotten through many things recently, COVID fear being part of them, and I just don’t feel as fearful anymore. Sitting at home in the computer chair all day is not an option! I can do this. You’ve likely heard me say that before. 🙂

**Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly bloggers’ feature that many across the globe have joined. Search for or use the hashtag #weekendcoffeeshare and tell me about your cafe of choice and the goings on in your part of the world. Have a great week!


Author: PamelaS.Canepa, Writing and Living

I am a writer who also teaches reading and writing, currently. In 2016, I self-published an e-book and its sequel, and I am learning the art of self-promotion. I published a full-length time travel novel as of 6/16/17 and its sequel in the summer of 2018. Life is a trip, and writing is the best escape for me! Learn about my award-winning sci-fi novel, Detours in Time, on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711ZW6XF Visit me at https://about.me/pamela.schloessercanepa

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share. Cafe Music and Pre-Springtime State of Mind”

  1. I am relaxing this weekend, after discussions about where things are in the world and what comes next. Vaccines available and not, do we buy another (larger) generator, dental visits… I have always found journaling to be a good outlet and tool for decision-making. But poetry for self-expression. I have been journaling, off and on, since high school. About sixty years, give or take. Until I started journaling on the computer, I copied out the poetry from each book, and then shredded the rest of the journal. Poetry is both more and less personal. Thanks for your thoughts, today. Appreciate reading them.


  2. Despite the grey, rain and cold (for Florida), sounds like a good week. A good night’s sleep helps there! (I had one last night, and I do feel great). As to Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, sounds perfect! I’ll admit I know Nina Simone better – playing keyboard, listening to her fabulous piano playing resonates with me. And I like that she looks her adversaries in the eye and dares them to blink, and I don’t care if most of her adversaries are straight white guys like me. Of course, nobody has (or had) a voice like Billy Holiday!
    I’m sure having a son with a head injury is/was super stressful. Since writing helps and you like writing, go for it. And, yeah, your blog is in some ways a type of journalism.
    I spent some time in OKC (also in Dallas, but that’s another story…). Right now, my manager and several coworkers are in OKC. I’ll just say, even if what you meant by your “misled venture” is the person you followed out there, to me, being in OKC for 8 months would be a “misled venture” 😉 As was Dallas, but that’s another story…

    Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead!


  3. Pam, I like your cafe with coffee and songs by Nina Simone or Billie Holiday. I recently finished a YA fiction “Saint Everything” by Sarah Dessen. Part of the story describes how each family member in a family of four struggles after the son went to jail for his drunk driving that injured another kid. They did eventually get better at handling their relationships and got help from a psychologist. Some of what you wrote in your post are similar to what the mother in the story experienced. I’m glad you enjoy blogging, journaling, writing and are in a sunshine state of mind. Thank you for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.


  4. Not sure if you meant you write about your struggles on your blog or in a private journal, but I mostly find it refreshing these days when people share the less perfect parts of their lives on their blogs, because it makes them human and real.
    I woke up to nice sunshine, after clouds and storms all week. I hope you’ll have an enjoyable Sunday!


    1. Hi, Susanne! Both. I definitely am more detailed in my personal journal, tracking my triggers and my reactions, how I can improve my reactions as well as my sleep patterns and reflections on what works for me. I share here a little of what helps me with anxiety. My triggers are more personal but how I deal with them overall is something I feel is worth sharing. Admitting I have a problem was important and took me a good while. You have a great day as well!


  5. Hi Pamela. I don’t know that you write too much about your health. There is a line somewhere between outright lying to the world and TMI, but I think you maintain pretty good boundaries. I see a lot of what you write about yourself as analysis of a friendly sort that other can learn from. I’ve noted that you manage to sneak in comments that read like encouragement to a reader who might be going through something similar. I’ve read bloggers who are whiners and you are not like them. You write with trust that you’ll be heard and understood. If there is any room for correction, and I had to think about this some, it would be perhaps to not be so open with so many people now that we commonly have 30 guests each weekend. The group we had with Alli was smaller and knew each other better. We’re still getting names and blog sites clear for all the newbies we have. Would it make sense to introduce yourself and lead with your positive self until they get to know and love you as we old timers do? I don’t know. This was a reach comment at best. Hey, I had a great weekend writing for a change. Did you note I posted two new stories; “We Never Forget Our First . . .” and “Ribbons and Remembrances”? I really liked both. They’re short but good, I think. If you find yourself with any free time (come on, it could happen) please check them out and give me some of the benefit of your expert opinion. I was just thrilled to not have another zero accomplishment for the weekend. Blessings.


    1. Congrats for the writing! I have not accomplished much there. My character, Ellie hangs in the balance while I struggle with focus and concentration. An introduction is a good idea! I’m listening to Agnes Obel right now and feeling inspired! I work with middle schoolers in short bursts if time to encourage them to write. It all evens out. Thanks for th0e advice; I am trying to encourage others. I want to be a positive light in this world. I’ll try to read the stories soon! -Pam


  6. Nina Simone is on repeat a lot in our house as well! I, too, am struggling with giving up coffee. I have cut back to just one cup a day. I’ve had some insomnia issues lately and am trying to figure out if coffee is part of those issues. And I say, write about whatever you need to write about! It helps to share and get the emotions out and (hopefully) see different perspectives (from responses from other people). And with the internets only wanting to show the more ‘perfect’ side of life, it’s often refreshing to see that things are a little messy sometimes. xoxo


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