Weekend Coffee Share, Bridge to….

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I’m enjoying matcha green tea, hearing the birds singing outside, dog at my feet. London Grammar plays in the background. Oh, that voice. This is thinking music, certainly appropriate for today.

I know, I should just celebrate the onset of my summer, but I’m still dealing with a year of big changes, so my goal right now is mindfulness and enjoying each little good thing in my life.

School’s out and summer is beginning. The afternoon hours after the students left on the last day were quiet; I felt like an empty nester all over again. The kids are our reason for being there, and now there is just clean-up before summer begins. There were a few times that afternoon that I got to sit and laugh with some co-workers in the clean-up, paperwork part of our day, but they are hurrying on their way out. I was unmotivated to get it all done.

This year certainly is unlike any other, and maybe I just need to emotionally put it in its place: the fear we felt going in-person, the struggle to communicate in a mask, the joy when I first successfully got a laugh out of them and the moments they trusted me and opened up in writing. They grew so much. I have moved slowly in packing it up, but I feel I’m making progress and still have Monday to finish.

Things that got me through the day this school year: Student-shared art and my attempts at positivity. (It helps)!

I will carry many of these memories with me, and the goal is that I will see these kids on campus next year and know that I gave them a step up in their progress toward the future and furthering their education. The cycle will keep renewing, and there will be a new crop of students next year for me to reach, or simply, to understand.

My family life is also very quiet. My mom and I are very close, but sometimes I need conversation with someone more my age or who understands what I go through, the need to excel in my career, desire to have financial stability and be able to plan for a future, yet be active in my personal time. She is having cataract surgery mid-June, so I’ll be able to help her with that. She hopes to fly to visit my brother in N.C. this summer, as well.

I’ve made good plans for the summer so far: besides, of course, walking the beach or visiting the dog park with Bixby, plane tickets were purchased for Rochester, New York for a 5-day stay with an old friend in July. She has invited me before, but this summer is the best time to go. I’ll also get a low-cost trial at a new yoga studio and go several days a week. I’ve caught up with some old friends and we’re going to hang out this summer.

There is still the matter of an I-Fly certificate; I chickened out after seeing their waiver, but it’s my goal to just do it this summer, and to have a great story to tell. 🙂 Then, there’s the matter of the quiet in my house; my son is still not answering calls, but I know he’s reporting to work. I don’t want to be a stalker mom, but I had always reserved time to go places with my son, even if he wasn’t talkative. It’s different for me. I don’t know how this situation will resolve, but I just need to have faith that it will. Something to work on, for sure.

It’s becoming clear that each season must pass to make room for the next. I have not been happy with the turn my life changes have taken, but there is always opportunity to grow. As a poet I recently discovered (Mary Oliver) wrote, “For some things there are no wrong seasons.” As it should be for me.

So, I took this morning slow today, because I could. I sat on the porch a few minutes, but the heat is something else today. I still have some work to do on my short story, Crossroads Diner, and Saturday exercise/cardio needs to be next on my list. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to ponder. How was your week?


Author: PamelaS.Canepa, Writing and Living

I am a writer who also teaches reading and writing, currently. In 2016, I self-published an e-book and its sequel, and I am learning the art of self-promotion. I published a full-length time travel novel as of 6/16/17 and its sequel in the summer of 2018. Life is a trip, and writing is the best escape for me! Learn about my award-winning sci-fi novel, Detours in Time, on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711ZW6XF Visit me at https://about.me/pamela.schloessercanepa

15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share, Bridge to….”

  1. Life surely gotten complicated. Best wishes for your keeping all those threads of life from getting tangled. The weather being too hot, too cold, too prone towards wildfires, I’m hoping to stay at home and get the simple things done. ::sigh::
    Communication is a wonderful thing. And you’re very good at it, working with and enjoying people, from what I’ve seen.


      1. Yes! For a time after college graduation, I traveled through North Dakota (by air, car, and train) to visit relatives and friends in the Seattle area and also a college friend whose parents owned a cattle ranch near Malta. MT. (Horseback riding!!!) So lovely in many different ways throughout the seasons.


  2. I think you’ve said before, but I forget – what age kids do you teach?

    I’m sure it has been a difficult school year, but it sounds like there are a lot of good things to look back on.

    I’m flying to Ohio in July to visit family for the first time in two years! If I drove, Rochester NY is almost exactly the half way point between my house and my parents house. I hope you enjoy your time there (I’m sure I will see you in and around the blogs before then, but…)

    Have a good weekend and a great summer break!


      1. That’s a great age. My mom taught 4th grade. She loved the gifted kids, but was usually put on the other end of spectrum, which she said was much more work with less of those rewarding light bulb moments.


  3. Hi Pam,
    Yea – empty nest syndrome. Whether it’s our real kids or some version of pseudo kid-lets, it’s hard! I used to work with a small handful of venture scouts and there was a small cluster of several who I would have loved to have as actual off spring. When that group aged out, it was hard and I lost so much interest in working with the new gang.
    About your son, I advise you to just stay available. He’ll realize somewhere along the line that the love of his mom is one of the most valuable things in his life and will likely be sorry for any time he wasted when he just didn’t get it.


  4. I liked that last quote you shared. Life can sure be crazy sometimes and we either roll with the waves or drown. Thank you for being transparent an sharing your heart. I always enjoy your weekly posts.


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