Day 20, A Day in My Life and #weekendcoffeeshare

Jan. 21: Welcome to day 20 of #ADayinMyLife and my Weekend Coffee Share, which is hosted by Natalie the Explorer.

I woke this morning still unhappy about hearing yesterday that we teachers who have books on our classroom bookshelf have to empty those books into boxes or put them away until further notice. They have to vetted by a media specialist, which is something we don’t have in my school due to budget cuts 5 years ago.*In my opinion, not that of my school or district leadership, our state has made very confusing decisions regarding educational freedom.

Here is the Florida law upon which decisions were based to not make books available to students (unless part of the curriculum) if those books haven’t been “vetted by a media specialist” to be appropriate:

At least I can get a massage today. I will need that escape. Today is pretty much a relaxing, self-care day. Yesterday was preventative health care day, as in doing what we must to be or make sure we’re healthy. Here is that short post:

The appointments of yesterday got me to a different part of town, San Marco, where I enjoyed the views of murals.

In San Marco, Jacksonville.

My dad and his partner got out on their way home this morning. It was a good visit with him and Patsy! I think they’re a good pair, but partly because she keeps him on his toes and trying to be a better man. I’m going to try to get to his side’s family reunion in Minnesota this summer. One of his sisters helped me with genealogy and our family history on that side, which is really interesting. It makes me think of this quote ( found on the internet):

Anyhow, I’m at the gym now, doing my 30 minutes on the bike, jamming to Salt-n-Peppa, being a woman- over -forty- in -short- running -shorts (how dare she)! I feel a little rebellious. People will judge either way I might as well be interesting! I come from a long line of unique individuals and will embrace my freedom if expression. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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10 thoughts on “Day 20, A Day in My Life and #weekendcoffeeshare”

  1. Loved this blog Pamala.I cannot believe the vetting system you are experiencing of the childrens school books.How draconian is that !It’s good to be unique, stay that was, always !


  2. I can’t believe you have to hide the books away! Kids can access anything these days, better to have books chosen by their teacher not some “specialist”. So Handmaid’s Tale!
    I love murals!


  3. Oh gracious, how frustrating as a teacher to have to put your book collection away in a box. It’s frightening sometimes to think about the way some things are happening. I like to find unexpected art like that mural in places I’ve never been. Short shorts are very appropriate in the gym, you go girl! #Weekendcoffeeshare


  4. So we can’t trust teachers to pick books now?
    Okay, I can see how a few might fail to do a good job with this, but to hire someone to be the sole judge. . . ?
    And then lock up all the books when they can’t afford their own required expert . . . ?
    Do they somehow enjoy looking like fools ?

    Wow Pam, keep a tight headband handy.
    My brains would be exploding with a bit more of this nonsense.
    These “leaders” are partially why we home schooled and are ever so thankful we did.


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