Book Reviews


Here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

FailtotheChief Reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads.

Political satire, poking fun at the election process, what more could a reader want?  (I’ve always been a fan of political satire.  Those politicians take themselves too seriously)!

Partial blurb:  After years of emceeing insipid singing competitions, TV personality Bryan Seafoam can’t wait to host “American President,” the world’s first reality show to elect a country’s Chief Executive. It’s the chance he’s waited a lifetime for–an opportunity to be a real journalist, unearthing skeletons and playing hardball with the top ten candidates.

My take: This book was hard to put down. From the satirical title, to the play on the politician’s names (such as Ronald Chump), it promises plenty of laughter and wit while poking fun at our political system…..
If you’ve ever enjoyed watching SNL and their parodies of political candidates or reveled in the dark humor of movies such as Idiocracy, you’ll get a kick out of this political satire.

See the rest of my review at


A sci-fi book with nods to Bradbury and Douglas Adams?  Count me in!  What a ride!  Warning:  the plot is very convoluted, but some of us enjoy that sort of thing.

Partial blurb: When the entire Solar System has been turned into one vast, dangerously confused, putrid smelling outdoor potty, with each planet seeking new and inventive ways of closing its borders to immigrants, there seems but one answer.

Enlist an immigrant book vendor from Benar, often called Earth, mainly by earthlings, to fix things…..

Here is a link to my 5 star Goodreads review, also posted on Amazon:




Review posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

Very unique, with a futuristic sci-fi feel and a plot centered around class differences between those in Gang Territory and those who have left it behind.  See the link above for the full review.

Partial Blurb:  Dr. Noel Kennedy hears screams inside her head, but the screams aren’t hers. While preparing for her annual end-of-summer barbecue, Noel hears her young friend—twenty-year-old Zarah Fisher—screaming for her life. However Zarah is miles away!

Noel knows the exact moment Zarah takes her last breath because Noel has a secret! It’s a secret that not even her husband Richard knows.

As the Deputy Chief of Schools of Gang Territory, Noel has perfected her life. She is a solid, middle-class citizen from New Chicago, Incorporated. New Chicago and Gang Territory have become vastly different societies since the early Urban Wars. Now, year 2087 finds New Chicago’s military-trained police determined to enforce laws that keep “gang people” out….




Review posted on Amazon and Goodreads.

I really loved this book, not just because it had me on the edge of my seat!  See the link above for my review.

Blurb:  What happens when a sheltered only child and a street-wise orphan are forced to work together in order to stay alive? Two strangers, Caleb and Jael, are thrown together under dire circumstances, joined at the hip, as their captors say. Their singular focus? Survival.

A gripping story of courage, determination, sacrifice and survival. A pre-apocalyptic tale told in vivid terms by our hero, Caleb Wiseman.


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