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I have realized, thanks to a friend’s suggestion, that writing can be a way to foster my relationship with my son, who is slightly uncommunicative. Please understand that when I write some weird stuff! He just gave me advice on knives. ūüôā This may also just keep me from being restricted in my genres. I like seeing things from many different perspectives.¬† I have had to, in order to understand things my son has gone through.¬† I am trying to communicate to him that I accept him as he is, even when silent,¬† but he is part of my world, and I will share my world with him.¬† (Even though much of it is in my head, but I chalk that up to healthy imagination).¬† We all carry around stories. ¬† ¬†¬† #‚Äéamwriting‚Ĩ #workingonsequeltomadeforme¬† ‚Ä™#‚Äésampsonseyesholdthesecret‚Ĩ ‚Ä™#‚Äégrittyshortstoryonthewaytoo‚Ĩ #scifi

Sale on my published e-book, Made for Me



Just in time for Mother’s Day!¬† Starting Sun., 5/08 at 8 a.m., my self-published Kindle e-book, Made for Me, will be 1.99, (regular selling price was 2.99) for 3 days only starting Sun., 5/08 and ending Weds., 5/11 at 11 p.m. (My dad’s birthday!)¬† The Amazon link is http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DZ5230G/

So, why am I blogging this?¬† I blog this because it’s part of spreading the word, and part of my journey as a self-published writer.¬† It will have been 30 days since I published my sci-fi tale of love in a modern era, Made for Me, meaning that now, it is eligible for a sale.¬† That means advertisement.¬† This is advertisement that I don’t have to buy.¬† So why not put it on sale?¬† Two weeks ago I did a giveaway of my book on Amazon. I gave away two books, and two people won out of 71 who entered, bringing a good number of followers to my Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon author page.¬† The cost?¬† I paid for two e-books.¬† But I think it was a valuable process in getting my book out there in the public awareness and very much worth it.

This is a little scary, the term “public awareness.”¬† I pushed it aside when I published, and I have to just laugh at it.¬† Isn’t that what a writer wants?¬† If I want to be known as a writer, that’s what I need!¬† I do not want to be like Emily Dickinson, admired and enjoyed mostly after she is gone.¬† The time is now, and I am willing to work hard to earn it!

Seriously, I am not just trying to sell my book.¬† I decided recently, that part of this blog is going to be the sharing of my journey through self-publishing as a writer.¬† Soon, I’ll feel I am able to call myself an author.¬† It can be a little lonely to be a “self-published” writer.¬† But there are many out there on the same journey.¬† If you are just starting out, reach out, share your experience; there are many willing to share theirs, or who may learn a lot from your experience.

By the way, back to Mother’s Day:¬† my mom loved this story and the book it grew into.¬† It totally encouraged me to tell myself, yes, it’s good enough.¬† Yes, someone will love it.¬† Therefore, it is worth my effort and time to be the writer that finishes, and publishes the book, and the agent who promotes it.¬† I am so thankful for a mom who encourages and believes in me!


Working on a sequel to Made for Me! Ink…




So I decided, this time, I would do some pen and paper writing.¬† I’m working on a sequel to Made for Me!¬† Some are asking about a sequel already; others are saying, “Give your first book a chance to sell!”¬† I’m not sure which is the way for me; I’ll have to read more of the free e-book and the online article about self promotion for self-published authors, since I am also still self-promoting Made for Me.¬† Good thing I like to read, too!¬† By the way, if anyone has some really good tips on this self-marketing or “when to publish a sequel,” I will be most appreciative if you share!

This past week I have felt like I’ve been neglecting my blogging.¬† I have gotten involved in day to day life, my volunteer committee, my boyfriend’s art show tomorrow, and my day job!¬† But guess what, I have so many book ideas in my head right now.¬† I seriously could handle quitting the day job and JUST writing!¬† (I say that now, but my hand would get pretty tired).¬† Anyhow, I hope I am doing a good job at building up an author platform and setting myself up for later visibility and recognition as a writer.¬† It’s really a snowball…It just needs a little help to get momentum at the start, but then, it snowballs into an even bigger snowball!¬† Do I dare dream about becoming an avalanche like Stephen King?¬† It could happen, if I’m daring enough!¬† I wrote about a bucket list item 1-2 months ago.¬† I think I will always have a bucket list, because maybe my bucket keeps growing larger and larger!¬† That, my friends, is probably one of several things keeping me going right now.

What’s with this paper and ink?¬† Something about it just helped me get started sooner, but I can’t wait to get it neatly typed into the computer.¬† The nice part, however, of the paper and ink, is that pens are not as high maintenance as pencils, and that paper notebook is much easier to lug around from dining room table, sofa, car, to wherever because I-simply-must-have-it-in-case-I-think-of-something!¬† I spent far too many years doing the opposite.¬† I’d get a great idea, and think, yeah, I’ll remember that for when I have time to write.¬† Well, now I have time to write because I make the time!¬† I’m not gonna be the negative Nancy I was.¬† I will dream big.¬† My bucket will get bigger and bigger, because I plan to catch a lot of fish (The flying dreamy goal variety)!

Life is good, my friends.  I am dreaming, and writing.  This is truly living the dream!










I’m so Excited! My Author Guest Post on Kurt Brindley’s Blog

NOW ON AMAZON FOR KINDLE! Made for Me, a Sci-fi romance novella by Pamela Schloesser Canepa, takes the awkward first date story to the extreme! What happens when an indecisive girl uses a 100% guaranteed website to find the man of her dreams? How can they truly guarantee happiness for Abrielle, who can’t even decide […]

via ENTERTAINING THE WHAT-IFS | A Guest Post by Author Pamela Schloesser¬†Canepa ‚ÄĒ KURT BRINDLEY

Blissful Saturday Yoga Surprise! #haiku #NAPOWRIMO


11:30 Saturday Yoga Escape Brings a Blissful, Sentimental Surprise Today.  My Haiku:

She is playing Prince!

Purple Rain drives my down dog,

and goosebumps ensue.

-Pamela Schloesser Canepa

#PrinceGoneTooSoon  #musicofmyyouth


Promoting & Marketing. Author interview!

Through Twitter, having identified myself as a writer, I’ve received countless Tweets and follows from book promoters.¬† Some are free, some charge $10 to Tweet your book and post it on a newsletter, some charge $99 a month to Tweet, Facebook, give reviews, etc.¬† I choose one of the economical offerings, but hey, I did get to fill out an author interview!¬† I am posting the link, in case anyone is interested!

Pamela Schloesser Canepa




“By Your Side,” Poetry #NAPOWRIMO


“By Your Side, Unconditional Friend for Life” by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

I’m your friend for life,

There’s nothing you have to do

except just go on, being you.

What are you doing?¬† I want to see…

What could keep you so enraptured,

other than me?


So you’re down, and just

don’t want to play….

I’ll snuggle with you, even if all day.


You’re going somewhere?

I see you grab your shoes!

You know I’m willing to go, too!


Now you’re writing,

you look at me and smile.

Just turn to pet me once in a while.

I know you’re on to something good,

you must be having fun.

Remember, I am right here when you’re done.


I am now self-published! Made for Me is on Kindle! #amwriting

MadeforMe 61TGI7GxCQL._UY250_

I have self-published a sci-fi romance novella, 101 pages long, on Kindle!  Find it at:


What happens when an indecisive girl uses a 100% guaranteed website to find the man of her dreams?¬† The answer is not what you’d expect.¬† Or maybe it is….

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