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Welcome! Any of my published sci-fi books can be found at my Amazon author site here: My Amazon Author Site Some of my books are found elsewhere, just scroll down for information.  Find The Temporal Test, a prequel to Detours in Time, in Kindle format here:   My newest book is Malachi, Ruse Master an action adventure with a hint of mystery. It is now available in Audiobook as well!

**View my most recent author interview on MEET THE AUTHOR Podcast, airing March 16th at 7 p.m. ET!  

It is now posted at YOUTUBE:


Sci-fi series: Ponder what you would do first if you could time-travel…

As of Sept. 26th, Detours in Time is now available in audiobook! Order yours here or join the Audible membership for discount prices at this link: Detours in Time Audiobook

Undercurrents in Time is also now in audiobook! Get more information or download it here: Undercurrents in Time Audiobook



Some of my books are also at other retailers, please read below for details or visit .


Detours in Time w Award - 3D Book CoverPt2[2371] Detours in Time is available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback. Visit the book description and reviews and get your copy of Detours in Time at (U.S.) Detours in Time Amazon link

Or in the U.K., Detours in Time Amazon link


UnderCurrentsFinalCover33383670_828767100648064_2461798696275148800_nUndercurrents in Time (Detours in Time Book 2) was released on 6/26/18! Visit the Amazon page for book description or to order:

To order my books (pictured above or below) on Amazon, find the author site here: My Amazon Author Site for the first four books, three of which are also in print! Find my 37 page short story, “From Lost to Loved, A Stray Dog’s Tale,” as a free e-book by title search on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and Smashwords for Nook. It is also in paperback for $5, just click here: From Lost to Loved, paperback and it makes a great gift! 

New: You may find Book club questions for both Detours in Time and Undercurrents in Time here: Book club questions for the Detours in Time series

The first three books pictured are all part of the Made for Me series. Detours in Time is first in a series, with a sequel released in 2018, and From Lost to Loved is a stand-alone that is appropriate for younger readers.  Crossroads Diner, an eerie, metaphysical short story, was a Runner up in the 2020 Rave Reviews Book Club 90 Day Alpha to Omega Short story contest.  I’m currently working on expanding the idea to a novella or novel. Check it out!

Books that are available on other retailers including Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple: As of December, 2018, the sci-fi romance Made for Me and the suspenseful follow-up Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes are now available at other online retailers. Click this link: Made for Me retailers to find it on B&N Nook, Kobo, and Apple I-tunes and click here for Book 2: Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes retailers

I’ve always loved the ‘what-ifs’ of time travel, which inspired my Detours in Time series.  I’m currently working on a fourth novel involving the Detours in Time characters.


March, 2018 Update: In March, I was invited to appear at the first ever Book club discussion of Detours in Time! Okay, they were people I knew, but it was still so exciting! If you are interested in hosting a book club discussion of the what-ifs and moral dilemmas in Detours in Time, please go to Book Descriptions and Book Club info. then scroll to the bottom of the post.


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