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Most recent:  Detours in Time, a sci-fi tale of time-travel, available in Kindle edition and paperback.  It is the first in a new series.  221 pages Kindle, 303 in print.


On a whim, feisty Tabitha takes a trip to the future with her trusted friend Milt, an awkward Science professor. Wonders and curiosities abound.  However, their fun journey soon leads to a challenging maze of danger and difficult decisions.  On an unplanned “detour,” the two set events into action that could save one life yet destroy another.  Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action?  Detours in Time starts as a fantastic escape and grows to present many moral dilemmas that could either ruin the best friendship or bring two people closer together. 

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  The Made for Me series consists of 3 novellas, so far!  Made for Me is a futuristic, sci-fi romance, available in Kindle edition and print, at 118 pages.  Blurb:

An unusual, futuristic romance. What will the search for love be like in the future? The year is 2032, and Abrielle is looking for true love. In a world ruled by technology, where computers make much of our decisions for us, Abrielle is about to meet the man of her dreams, thanks to a guaranteed matchmaker website. What she encounters on that first date will be a tale to rival any first date story you’ve ever heard.
Sampson is also looking for love. Open-minded, spontaneous, and financially stable, he seems to be the perfect man. Yet, underneath it all, he harbors a glaring secret. Sampson has spent his lifetime passing for something that he is not, yet his love surpasses that of any human Abrielle has known. Though they seem to be a match made in heaven, Abrielle and Sampson are breaking many rules and will certainly face some unique challenges. In order to live a life with him, Abrielle must decide which rules are actually worth breaking, and in the process, learn a lot about herself.

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Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes is second in the Made for Me series, and is available in Kindle edition or paperback, at 148 pages (Kindle).  It continues with the character of Norrie, who is a young woman, learning about her identity and legacy.


Who knows what secrets lie behind one’s eyes? You have no idea until you walk in their shoes. In a technologically advanced, yet socially regressing society, Norrie, daughter of Sampson and Abrielle, is about to learn what it’s like to be considered less than human. She is now twenty, curious, confident, and unstoppable. Embarking on a journey together, Norrie and Abrielle set out to discover what remains of their beloved Sampson, yet each ends up pursuing her own individual end goal. Walk with Abrielle and Norrie to see what they will find.

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fbtb  From Bedlam to Ben is third in the Made for Me series, available in Kinde Edition, at 48 pages long.  It continues Norrie’s fascination with the anroid friends she has met, and the troubled performer and ex-soldier, Ben.  Ben’s experience as an android and second-class citizen is explored in more detail.

BlurbIf you like stories of struggle and transformation, read this story about Ben. Ben is not fully human, is considered a second class citizen, and is distrusted for the very characteristics that were built into his psyche. He’s not even sure he has a psyche and has been told all his life he doesn’t have true feelings. Norrie seems to think he does. Her unique upbringing has taught her to respect the special class of being that Ben is and to treat him equally. However, in a society that distrusts him and treats him as an inferior while at the same time fearing him, Ben is often in fight or flight mode. In a time of distress, Ben must choose between two drastically different paths and must weigh what he now stands to lose. This short novelette is a continuation of the Made for Me series, but it can be read as a stand alone. With this e-book, readers can also get a link to a free short story based on Pamela’s upcoming time travel novel.

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Stand-alone book:

  From Lost to Loved was an imagining of my shelter dog’ story, before he met and became part of my family.   It is a heart-warming tale, and could be appropriate for anyone aged 7 to 97.  It is intended to give young readers examples of kindness and compassion, and is also entertaining for more mature readers.  It is offered for free download at Smashwords in many formats, and I hope to add it to Amazon, possibly even in print for a low cost in the next few months.

Blurb:  What if your adopted shelter dog could tell his story? Have you ever wondered why he freaks out when the kitchen timer goes off, or he gets defensive when he meets a tall man? Consider the origin story of Bixby, as Pamela imagines the long journey of his life before they found each other and he became part of her family.
A firm believer of the “Adopt, don’t shop” motto, this author shares her experiences and imagines what Bixby experienced before, during, and after being rescued from an animal shelter by telling the story through his point of view. This tale will draw you in, appeal to your emotions, and maybe even make you smile. Sometimes you never know what someone has been through, even a stray dog, but Pamela has imagined it all here.

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