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“Kids, just think, how many less cars crowd the streets when people take the train!”  The self-assured woman announced.  Her older son didn’t seem to agree, while her daughter stared out the window excitedly.

“Where are you going, mam?” I asked, taking tickets.

“To the grocery store, the fancy one.  Special occasion!”

I couldn’t see doing such a thing, and was about to speak again, when she said:

“Some people don’t understand.  But one day, the cars won’t run.  We’ll have to find another way.  We’ll get off early and walk a mile.  Good practice.”

“For what, Mam?”

“The future.”


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1/13 Prompt.  Sorry if my entry is a little late!


Tenuous Grasp. #poetry #prayer

undertow-sea-710297_960_720 Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


A Tenuous Grasp

(c) 2017, Pamela Schloesser Canepa

My brave face only hides

The tears I swallow inside.

I will stay strong for you,

though fear is in my soul,

For I too, float, ungrounded

and I am without control.


I am praying for God’s help,

in guiding me and you,

for I am dodging life’s swift blows,

I don’t know what else to do.





Sober….or Sound?


Why Sober? I want to open an inquiry into the lexicography of the word “sober.” A sobering event is like a slap in the face when all we want to do is be cradled in warmth and comfort.  The problem is, we seek warmth and comfort from substances, whether liquid, pill form, or other.  I suppose it is a false comfort, a dangerous longing that takes us closer to the grave. However, when one must remake one’s own life, the word sober sounds daunting.
When the warmth and comfort of a familiar high wears off, we are left with the sobering effects of something akin to being plunged into a bath of ice water. There’s that word “sober” again. No wonder so many people are afraid to go sober. I am sure many who need sobriety are thinking along these lines.  The thing is, the word sober doesn’t sound like the reawakening that it should be.
Sober reminds me of somber, which reminds me of the saying, “I’m as serious as a heart attack.” We’d all like to avoid that. Therefore, sober also reminds me of a funeral.  It seems, to some, to be somewhat of a death. Mind you, I’m not saying it’s better to be oblivious or wasted. It’s just, so many have a hard time leaving that behind. So, how do I convince someone close to me that it’s better to be sober?


Alcoholism runs rampant in my family.  I have seen my own father suffer from it, and recover.  Of course, it was a serious matter.  Our talks, when he went through recovery were very insightful and soul-searching.  No gray cloud took over his personality.   He can be just as self-centered and yet, just as encouraging.  He enjoys the outdoors, exercise, work, and his recovery community.  The process was truly a reawakening for him, and the things he says now just make more sense than they did in my youth.  He recovered when I was at the tender age of twenty-one.
Maybe it’s just me, but I far prefer the words ” being of ‘sound’ mind” to the word “sober.”  I associate sound with music. If you are of sound mind, then all is working in harmony. Music is life. There is no death, but rather an ongoing growth and evolution. Being of sound mind means dealing with crisis, with mediocrity, and with ecstasy with all of your faculties. Awake. Aware. Free from the influence of a substance. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like a change of words, please.

For the record, here is the etymology of the word, sober:   from  Sober- “sedate, serious-minded person” is recorded from 1705. late 14c., “reduce to a quiet condition” (transitive), from sober (adj.). Meaning “render grave or serious” is from 1726. Intransitive sense of “become sober” (since 1847 often with up) is from 1820.

I want to be an example to young people and to the ones I love.  Yet, I often want to be more than “sedate, or serious.”  I want to live with laughter, music, and imagination.  Let my mind operate with the sound of harmony, a sound mind with the mellifluous ability to know my surroundings, to take in the beauty and music of life, and to continue without a confounding, tempting influence.  Therefore, I shall choose another word.

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#weekendcoffeeshare A New Year’s rollercoaster


If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you how I don’t like rollercoasters anymore.  They make me feel whiplashed.  Well, whiplash (a metaphorical kind) is what my life gave me this last week.From watching a rented movie New Years Eve to time spent in an ER New Years Day, to spreading news of my first book now in paperback, I don’t think normal is meant for me.  Even keel?  I have to try hard to maintain it these days.

I am so grateful that through this last week that I’ve had the support of my mom, my significant other, and my church family.  Because New Year day was horrible, getting a call from Shands hospital that my son had been in a bad car accident.  They couldn’t tell me anything else, so I went down there.  And sat, and waited, for at least an hour before someone could tell me his status since nurses and doctors were really busy in the ER.  Let me tell you, that hour is the worst.  Shands is the leading trauma center in our city.  I knew that, and it made me even more worried, not knowing the extent of the accident.

Finally, I got details, and when I saw him they had him sedated and in a neck brace.  I worried about his state of mind.  The next day, when he was in a regular room, he was awake.  Thank God! A day later he was discharged, and he has a concussion.  Considering all of my worries, we are blessed that he got nothing worse.  My writing this week has been seriously affected by this event;  I didn’t work on any writing projects or add to any flash fiction challenges, but I did post a free verse poem that acknowledges the process and pain of a fellow traveler in the ER that day and my struggle of being between two places, grief and relief.

After resting at home a day,  he went back to work, and so did I.  That evening, I got an uplifting piece of news.  The work I did over Christmas break paid off!  I had gone into KDP at Amazon and converted my first ebook into a paperback.  I had to re-do it a few times, and then after hitting publish, it took a few days to go “live.”  My mother ordered one, and I wasn’t telling anyone until I saw that the finished product was presentable.  It was a lot of hard work to figure out the formatting and their requirements; formatting is not my forte.  But I persevered!  It looks good! I think I should have gone with a smaller trim size (or whatever it’s called).  My mom’s excited because many of her friends love reading but don’t have a Kindle.  Therefore, my writing is getting into the hands of more people, which excites me immensely!  You may view or purchase the paperback of my sci-fi romance, Made for Me, at, and here’s what it looks like:


I had kept getting error messages about the text possibly getting cut off at the edges.  Well, it’s all there!  It was nice to get some good news after all that went on this week.  While I was a little down about not being able to work on any current writing projects, this came up and reminded me:  “Pam, this is who you are and what you do.  Nothing can take that away.  Rest if you need to, and then come on back to it.  You’ve achieved many things so far, and when ready, you’ll continue.”   That’s my self-talk to get me through the rest of the year.  *sighs with relief.

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1/01/17 Waiting. #freeverse #poetry


Is the hospital waiting room
On New Year’s day.
News does not arrive, so I wait an hour.

Then wait some more.

A woman in the next room howls with grief.                                                                                      Her son is gone.

Her shock rings in my bones.

And I am stuck in between two places,

praying my emotions will soon soar with relief, yet feeling her pain.

I still wait.

A mother does this for her child…..              Still hoping the news is good,

I will go to the bowels of grief and unknowing pain for you, if that is the place to find you

Every time, when one time is too many to bear.                                                                            Even when torn apart, only to be pieced back together,                                                              these pieces of my heart.

I pray they won’t be broken again                                                                                                            while raising my chin to the heavens in thanks.


New Year’s #weekendcoffeeshare 12/31, Care to Share a Morning Walk? Glimpses of Morning Miracles, 2016

img_0250Our “decorated fern,” on a misty Dec. morning.

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted at, and since I am being ambitious about a new year and looking back at what was good in 2016, let’s do something different and just walk to the coffee shop!  It’s right down the road.  The sweet, cream laden latte will be our reward for the exercise!  Even have a danish if you so desire!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about things that happened for me this year, about how I got inspired, and maybe, I’d show you some pictures of some my best morning walks.  The year started with me in a sad and anxious state, but that’s a whole other story. For now I’ll just tell you that there was, and always is, light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  I’d started seriously writing in Nov., 2015 and just kept on, despite, and to the betterment of, my emotions.  Along that and other tools in my kit, these morning walks became a practice of greeting each new day as a miracle, for one cannot fathom just how many scientific feats have conspired to bring about a rising sun.  God and Science are things I can’t fathom yet affect me in so many ways.  I pray that I will never take such a miracle as a new day for granted, no matter the weather, and that the New Year enables me with the ability to continue enjoying it.  I wish the same for you, my friend!  All photographs presented here were taken in 2016 and are my own, representing my morning walks or meditations with my coffee.  Happy New Year!



Many of these morning walks were inspired by my dog anxiously pawing me or staring me down for a walk outside.  And look at the beauty I have witnessed because of it!  Other photos are from morning beach walks in the summer and my morning view with coffee in Warm Springs, Ga. Each photo here represents my area in the Southeast and our weather patterns, from sunny to foggy to post-Hurricane Matthew.  I hope you have enjoyed these glimpses!  I hope you’ll walk with me again sometime in 2017, and please forgive what the humidity will do to your hair.  🙂

Feel inspired?  How about your #weekendcoffeeshare?  Visit and leave your link and make sure to tag it with #weekendcoffeeshare!  Yes, I know, I added so much more than a weekly update.  Suffice it to say, I felt like doing something different, as this is what is on my mind today, looking back at this amazing year.  Happy New Year, my friend!