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Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, where we sit and respond to the ideas that form in our minds, accompanied by the cutest mutt at my feet and David Bowie music in the background. I think it’s a nice little coffee shop, personally. I’m drinking green matcha tea, but you may have your drink of choice. The sun is up, and I’m feeling bright today!

A new day is dawning! There are a lot of changes in our nation coming up, and in my mind as I navigate my health. I try to deal with the worry; it’s a little chaotic, but one can choose to harness the chaos in order to create or destroy. I have new ideas and hope something is going to pan out at work. This would be a bright spot in my work-week while we grow closer to testing season, which, as I live in Florida, is sure to be thrown at us like it’s business as usual despite the COVID pandemic. You know state testing is a money-making venture, right? (*This is not necessarily the opinion of my employer; these are my views alone).

Meanwhile, I am investing in the socio-emotional aspects of teaching and my students’ needs. I’ll admit, there are some I don’t reach, but most of my days are pleasant despite the chaos of middle-school changes. We can harness the chaos and use it for good! I believe that. I will present the proof when it presents itself, LOL! Still, believing it is keeping me going right now. At home, I am keeping up with exercise, eating healthy, and filling up my mind then learning to tune it down when it’s time to relax. I’ve found working a puzzle keeps me from worry, and good thing, because it’s hard to maintain a social life during the pandemic.

Yeah, I haven’t perfected it yet. This week I’ve been making up creative projects for my Highly Advanced and Gifted kids based on Fears and Phobias or Animal Wisdom. It requires some work time at home. I’ll work a little more on that while the ‘cafe’ is quiet. My dog deserves a walk later though, and I could use the sunshine.

I may have mentioned before that I have a little bit of writer’s block lately. I am dealing with anxiety and ways to tune down the noise when I need to sleep. Journaling helps me release frustrations, and I am not at the point where I can share all of this or convert it to cathartic fiction, though I believe that may happen one day. I did write a poem based on fear and how it blocks our creative energies and ability to be there for others or to show love. You may read it here: https://pamelascanepa.wordpress.com/2021/01/08/the-occupation/

It’s quiet in this cafe right now except for the music playing and the occasional pitter-patter of my dog’s feet on the tile floor. Right now, Harlem River by Kevin Morby is playing, a new song I discovered by accident, a little jazzy, bluesy, and sultry with electric guitar in the background. Check it out! I’m typing while it’s quiet, but I look forward to your shares of what’s going on in your world. Have a great week, everyone, and be optimistic. Change can be a great thing, and if it’s not, we will adapt until change will come around again!


Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes, special price, 1.99


Now 1.99 for Kindle download.  Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes, the second e-book in the Made for Me series, is now just 1.99 for a Kindle download.  It’s all strategy, and maybe we could call it a test, but at 107 pages, this book is a novella.  Reader so far seem to really like it, but wish it had been longer.  I suppose that’s a good sign, right?  So I decided to lower the price for a while and see how it goes.  I think it’s an amazing deal.  It is separated from Made for Me because the tone is entirely different.  A reader in the U.K. says it reminds her of Bladerunner, a movie I have always loved, but certainly with less violence.  One reader said it really got her thinking and even reminded her of some of the stories that show up on our primetime news reports lately.  I can see that parallel as well, and I’m sure that affected my ideas in writing this story.  Topics involved: #sci-fi, #coming-of-age, #ethics in future technology and #equality.  Find it here:  https://goo.gl/PR0O9s
The plan is that I will have this book priced at $1.99 through Labor Day weekend, at which point I will reassess my plan.  I am soon planning to publish this book on Smashwords as well, making it available for Nook, Barnes and Noble, and various other retailers as well as Kindle.  Wish me luck!  It’s a lot of work, but I am willing to do it.  In the meantime, I recommend you give this book a read.  It is a nice continuation from Made for Me, but can also be read on its own, and provides a good deal of suspense as well.  Again, you can download it on Amazon through this link: https://goo.gl/PR0O9s

Happy Reading!
-Pamela Schloesser Canepa

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