In the Nineties. #poetry

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It was the nineties,

I was young, and you were bold,

I just wanted to be told

How beautiful I was.

My brother skated, my mother worried,

And I tried not to seem so smart.


It was the nineties;

I just wanted to be cool

and I wanted to be pretty.

I married someone

who was the life of the party.

We were all about

Chinese takeout

and a thirteen inch t.v.

Californians were cooler than us

Moulder and Scully were

more interesting than us.

We’d finish our X-files and takeout

and sit on the back porch

watching for our own aliens.


I’d retreat to some Stephen King

you’d escape somewhere partying

with people cooler than I.

You’d always return,

whether I liked it or not;

I was home base.

Whether you walked straight or not

if you howled at the moon or not,

whether you were seeing two or three,

I was still home base.


Starting a family didn’t help.

Threatening to leave didn’t help.

It was the nineties and we were

just who we were.

But I didn’t like you interpreting

my place anymore.


It was nineteen ninety eight

and time to get things straight.

Growing up is important.

We do what we must do,

and it was time to acknowledge

that I couldn’t grow with you.


It was the late nineties

and I’d dashed your world,

split up our family, taken your son.

I was many horrible things

all rolled up into one.

But I walked on that broken glass

with a toddler in my hands

to freedom on the other side.


It was the nineties,

and then it no longer was.

A new millenium,

The crossing of a threshold.

I was thirty, and wise

but not at all old.

I look back, glad Iit’s in the past.

But still, I learn when I look back.

**The nineties were an important part of me, and such a very interesting decade on their own.  This timeframe has shown up in my writing, particularly in the book, Detours in Time.  You can find out about this book and series at  Thank you for stopping by, and I do hope you will return to my blog.  I offer a little bit of everything here.  Cheers!



10 Reasons the 1990’s Were Not so Bad…

In honor of my new sci-fi novel that was just released last week, Detours in Time, I’d like to talk about the 1990s.  My main characters live in 1997, and they travel fifity years to the future.  I loved thinking about all the technology I lived without in the 90s, and used that as I imagined what my characters would run into in 2047.  It was easy to set them in the 90s, as it was so pivotal for me.  I sort of grew up and stepped into my own shoes in that decade (see #7).  So, this post is in honor of the 1990s, and everything that was great about it:

  1.  This song by Chumbawamba!
  2. Seinfeld was on the air for most of the decade!  seinfeldMr-Bookman Photo: Bing Creative Commons
  3. Jeans were very forgiving on the days we happened to be bloated; they hid our muffin top…On the other hand, they did use a LOT of material, not so great for those of us living in Florida.  jeansbelts-1583217__340
  4. Everything was relaxed, or short, short hair was back in, or long, but if it was long, it was casual.  It was almost a re-birth of 60’s fashion, and that was great.  Of course, Grunge took it and ran, but that’s their perogative.  grungeteenager-755835__340
  5. On the subject of music, we had Karma Police, Creep, …. Again, it felt a lot like a revivial of the sixties, except for Nirvana.  They were unlike most of the others.  Then, we also had the “gourd” bands.  Smashing Pumpkins, Blind Melon, did I miss any?  It didn’t matter.  They were fresh, and unique.  Headbangers still had their fun, too.  See the aforementioned Nirvana, and there were a few others that were still kicking in the 90s, though the headbanger bands are not my expertise.  Then, there was Beck.  That man was, is, a dynamo.  Come to think of it, 90s music rocked!
  6. Most of us did NOT have cell phones.  We called each other or went over to a friend’s house, sometimes unannounced.  When we got together, we looked at each other while conversing.  I kind of miss that…
  7. There was Titanic, there was Val Kilmer looking great in several movies, there was Nicholas Cage in a movie every time you turned around, and the Lion King warmed our hearts.  Movies were a big hobby for me, as I wasn’t going to concerts or getting out much as the 90s moved on, so thank goodness we had cable.  In that decade, I: graduated from college, met a man who I married, bought a house with him, had a son, potty-trained that son of mine, worked full-time, got divorced, continued raising my son.  The 1990s were such an important time, and I was seriously busy.  I’d unwind at night watching the NASA channel with a slushy margarita.  Really!  AustenBabyAndMe.96.16841_1312867349399_3054698_n
  8. If you were in college, you went to the book store to buy your books.  Well, even if you weren’t in college, you went to buy books at the store.  In the library, you used a physical “card” catalog.  By the way, did Amazon even exist back then?
  9. Most of us did NOT have a home computer, and no one had ever heard of tablets.   This was great, because you know, Y2K was just around the corner.  I’ll address that in the sequel to Detours in Time.  🙂
  10. computeripad-820272_1280  We had Bill Clinton for a president.  I don’t know if that was economically bad for us, though some would say it was good, and his brother could play a mean saxophone!  Through it all, SNL was there to poke fun at him.  Well, they do that every decade, for every president in office, and I still appreciate it!

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On a whim, feisty Tabatha takes a trip to the future with Milt, an awkward science professor. The fun trip turns intense when they make discoveries about their future selves and learn that while their actions may save one life, they could destroy another. Amid the turmoil, the two must decide if their actions have drastically altered the lives of the people they have met.  Can Milt and Tabatha agree on a course of action?



K is for Kramer. #AtoZChallenge

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K is a hard one, but since you know about my love for Seinfeld (if you’ve been paying attention, that is)….

K is for Kramer, Cosmo Kramer.  Really, it’s all about Seinfeld.  I was deeply entrenched in the lives of Seinfeld and his friends during the 90s.  Each character supplied something I needed.  Elaine showed me I wasn’t such a loser in love.  George showed me I wasn’t such a loser in life.  Jerry made me laugh and wish I could date him, and Kramer always swept it and made a joke of George’s maladies, a mess of Jerry’s apartment, and competed with Elain for, well, a kid’s bike.  He also ticked off his lawyer and got brilliant ideas stolen.  And somehow managed to feed himself while having not a single lucrative job.  Brilliant, I tell you!

As for the actor, let’s not talk about what happened to his career, or that night he disappointed and angered America with his crass words.  What I try to remember is his Seinfeld part, and he delivered it brilliantly.  Heck, I still catch Seinfeld re-runs from time to time, even though I know what happens in almost all of them!  I could go on and on about other characters, but the letter was K, so you’ll have to wait. 🙂

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