Weekend Coffee Share, Neither Here nor There

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I’m enjoying hazelnut half-caff after drinking green tea all week. It feels like it’s already 80 degrees here in Jacksonville, Florida. So be it! I just really wanted coffee. 🙂

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I didn’t need coffee this week; green tea with a little caffeine was just fine with me. I was busy, busy, and the new experience of managing and selling yearbooks was pushing me to burn my own energy. Thursday, I sold out, and Friday, I was dragging my feet. It was either the lack of my newfound purpose or the sleep trouble I had Wednesday night, but I was not feeling enthused come Friday.

It’s okay, though. I’ve experienced a reciprocal respect with my end-of-day-class after reading their mythical stories, and my grading was mostly based on their imagination and pacing, so some of them had dramatic improvement in grades. Other than that, we are not learning new content anymore, and next week is mostly based on celebrations.

The surviving-til-summer-break hairstyle

I’m a fan of word games, so we’ve done some of that and will also next week. My brain is not geared towards writing right now, because this whole end-of-a-realm feeling is always something I must deal with. I recall last year I couldn’t stand the silence in my classroom on the last day and asked a friend to do her paperwork in my room as I poked around slowly packing the room up for summer. Then there’s the class in which I discovered several budding actors. So many fun possibilities!

Confetti on the floor, a prop for their scripted, pretend wedding to each other.

Last year was an emotional year to pack up; I’d experienced the end of an eleven year relationship and the exit, albeit temporary, of my son from my life. There was anger, pain, and my plucky attempts at humor to deal with it all. On top of that was saying goodbye to students that I saw grow and hope I helped grow through a pandemic.

Time heals, faith and hope heals. I reached out to others and lived my life. My son is at home with me, working and enjoying more time with his dad, who has re-entered his life. The end of this school year makes me think about last school year. It’s okay to feel that, but then I need to put it away and let this year be its own entity.

I’m still looking forward to a cruise with my boyfriend, and my birthday weekend is in a few weeks. I will either enjoy or have to survive chaperoning at an in-school dance next Tuesday, then there will just be a few days until this school year is over. I can do this!

You see, I needed my own pep talk. My title might not be fitting, since I seem to have moved out of that slump. All things considered, I am really glad to have a weekend! How has your week been?

Reading: The Bloody Shoe Diaries

Writing: nothing other than this blog post at the moment

Watching: Working Moms on Netflix. (It used to be funnier)

Listening to: Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Rains ( a glorious, gothic 80s tune)


Weekend Coffee Share: Hopes, Promises, and Dreams #NY2022

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, New Year’s Day edition!

I had no idea what kind of promises or resolutions to make for this New Year. I’m not keen on New Years resolutions this year, because, out of necessity, I’ve been working on myself constantly for the past two years, first to address anxiety and self-doubt, and then to accept and address a difficult situation this past year. Still, there is one promise I can make after my New Year’s eve.

I promise to find or create fun unexpected places and ways. Last night, my boyfriend and I had dinner at a simple local eatery that had no waiting line. It was good. We started early because this sort of eatery closed at 8 p.m. Then, we walked to a wine warehouse as it was next door.

We bought nothing! We may have been the only ones leaving empty-handed on New Year’s eve! We walked through, browsing and laughing as he does a great comedy schtick on almost every life situation, especially the $66 liquor in a skull shaped bottle. It was like walking through a museum and marveling at the wonders. Guess what? It was fun! We then watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm” at his place. No fireworks needed, his neighbors were setting some off in the street. Every neighborhood in this area seems to have some fireworks this time of year. 🙂

I promise to find or let myself enjoy fun in such things as observations, window-shopping, nature, and time with loved ones. As for hope, I hope to be successful at balancing work/home life, so I can keep up retirement saving and still have time for family, loved ones, and my canine friend, Bixby. I also hope the good changes and peaceful atmosphere in my home will continue.

Dreaming of dog park days…

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a relaxing weekend and a Happy New Year!

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