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Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I just got back from walking the dog, so cold matcha green tea is in order! What are you having?

If we were having coffee on this sunny morning, you’d probably request NOT to sit outside. The temperature is somewhere between 80 and 90°, I am just too lazy to check. Haha. Figuring out what it is is an interesting idea since so much around here depends on the humidity, and there is a nice breeze which I noticed while walking Bixby, but I will say it’s a warm breeze. You will certainly sweat outside today.

I’ve spent a lot of summer time relaxing, napping, and walking outdoors. Bixby sure appreciates that. I dare say, I’m a shade more tan than before. Honestly, that isn’t saying much though. 🙂

My mother’s been out of town, and I took my son out for Mexican food Thursday night. I worked a little on my book, Ellie the Time Traveler yesterday. It isn’t really organized, but rather it is a jumble of thoughts and spur of the moment ideas that came to me, 60 pages now. So, I believe it will come together, and I did organize some of the chapters yesterday. Now, to fill them in!

The chapter outline, a task in itself!

Yesterday, my boyfriend Chris and I went out to eat and then went to see David Spade, the comedian. Chris made reservations for us at Cowfford Chophouse, a five star restaurant! It was an awesome experience. He wore dress pants and a collared shirt. I threw together a nice outfit with a wrap-around blouse.

The atmosphere and the food at Cowford Chophouse were both comfortable and fancy. Some diners at the bar wore jeans and flip flops. We were treated like royalty and were asked if we needed to get to a show. We had a little over an hour for dinner, but they coordinated each course wonderfully. The food was amazing and the staff were courteous! Fun fact: Jacksonville used to be called Cowford about a hundred or so years ago.

Check out my Chilean sea bass! It was a wondrous combination of flavors.
Fancy dining at it’s greatest. I’d certainly go back.

Next, we moved on to the David Spade show at the Florida Theater. There was a short wait in the heat, but we managed. I was glad I wore sandals and no hose, something widely accepted in Florida! There were two opening acts, one of them pretty humorous. David Spade came on and was funny as can be. He roasted all the men in front seating who wore shorts, asking if they came right after mowing the lawn. I enjoy this venue and have been here before.

Needless to say, I am taking a lazy restful day today. Hydrating, relaxing after a healthy breakfast, and I’m getting a massage in about an hour. When I tell my friends about my summer, they say, “You deserve it!” They couldn’t be more correct!

Thanks for visiting my Coffee Share! I hope all is well in your world. I’m looking forward to posting a little bit about my upcoming travels soon!


Our Downtown Scene, Jacksonville, Fl #echoesofmyneighborhood, 3


Photo taken at the Dowtown Jacksonville Landing during Artwalk.

Jacksonville, Florida has a budding Arts scene.  We also have an NFL football team, but I’ll focus on the arts, as that is more of my interest.  We have had three or four One Spark Crowdfunding arts festivals, and not just any city can claim that honor.  On the first Wednesday of every month, there is an Artwalk in downtown Jacksonville.  Artists show their creations, and crafters and small businesses peddle their wares, giving samples and demonstrations.  Music fills the air, from amateur to promising, talented bands.  The man on the corner with his saxophone, who seems to only know variations of old t.v. show theme songs such as I Dream of Jeannie, is a welcome piece of the amosphere.  Homeless folks park themselves in Hemming Plaza, and at nightfall, they head to the Sulzbacher Center or City Rescue Mission.  (Those are the ones I know of).  A year or two ago, our mayor decided to have seating in Hemming Plaza that is bolted down.  It is now hard to tell a homeless man from the guy who has gathered with his old buddies to play chess in the park.  Yes, I believe this is a good change for our downtown area!


There are beautiful historical buildings.


There are signs of art fused with everyday images.


There are shops, bookstores, a library, an art museum, and galleries.  Chamblin’s Uptown bookstore shown above.


Art of all mediums is displayed at The Art Center in the downtown Jacksonville Landing.  Pictured here: a porpoise, of recycled mechanical and metal parts.  Artist:  Kenneth Balser. (I happen to know him.  Let me know if you’re interested in his work 🙂 ).


I’ll admit, we do have some impressive architecture.  (Part of the Library in downtown Jax.)


*Capoeira demonstration by a local Jacksonville Ji Jitsu business during One Spark Festival, downtown.  If you didn’t know, Capoeira is a Bazilian martial art.

Let’s not forget our people.  We are diverse, represented by people of many nations, countries, ethnicities, etc.  We have lifetime Jacksonville natives, we have people of many countries or from different states who came here to our Navy base, and we have retirees who came for the weather, from any of the states.  There are even snowbirds who live here during the winter and spring months, going back home from May to October for a cooler breeze.  How I envy them!  Jacksonville is the ultimate melting pot.  Just look at the many variations presented in this photograph alone.  Our people are beautiful.

And the homeless folks I mentioned, they are part of it. Diverse, unexpectedly intelligent.  They are you, and me, with a one-degree difference……….but that is a topic for a whole other blog entry.

I know I have tended to loosely define neighborhood.  Yet, one of its definitions is “district or locality.”  Our city covers such a huge square mile area.  So, my neighborhood is huge.  My city is beautiful.  It is also imperfect.  Just like every city.  But I am glad to be here.

*This post is in response to Jacqueline Obyikocha’s Thursday challenge.  Jacqueline is super supportive of her fellow bloggers and inspires me without fail.  Peruse her blog, and subscribe, at http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.com/   Please show her some love.  Start by looking at her “Echoes of My Neighborhood” responses at this link:  http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.com/category/travel-2/dubai/echos-of-my-neighbourhood/.  They will be sure to amaze you!

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