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coffee-66507_640 I think this photo has a Kerouac feel to it.  (Found on Pixabay)

Welcome, members of the blogosphere, to my #WeekendCoffeeShare!  If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that:

I am starting to feel the shift, that shift from my school year frame of mind to my summer frame of mind.  This used to mean something different, but now what it means is that I’ll be living in the blogosphere a bit more, writing more, and talking about my self-published books a bit more.  I have two months to eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff, and let me tell you, I love living in this world of words!

And why not?  Reality is stressful enough.  I’ve had a few family crises.  One involved a loved one getting a broken arm and shoulder in a freak slip-up, the other involving a loved one needing a medication adjustment, and all of the lead up to that decision which implies many sleepless, worrisome nights wondering why this person isn’t sleeping, and days of debating how I could make them eat.  I’ve been lax about reading the book, I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help, since I’ve been reading and writing so much of my own, but I glean little helpful bits here and there.  Such as:  “…no amount of arguing has previously changed your lvoed one’s opinion about being mentally ill….The first step, therefore, is to stop arguing and start listening.”  So, when said loved one made a seriously off the wall statement, I said, “Would you like me to take you somewhere to get help.”  To which I recieved an affirmative nod.  Sometimes you have to fish for an answer, but it’s worth it.  Sometimes you have to listen to the silence as well.  I think things are looking up now.  It’s all been hectic, though.  I don’t write about this in detail because I am just not ready, and it’s not fully my story to tell.

Which leads to my love for escaping reality.  I won’t lie; reality seeps into my imaginative machinations, and I let it.  Perhaps this gives my writing meaning.   I haven’t been doing enough flash fiction challenges, so I look forward to more of that this summer.  They are great for gathering followers and following new bloggers.  I’ve been editing my novel, Detours in Time,  for publication this summer, shopping for fitting online graphics (Kat Mellon is wonderful, by the way.  Find her online), and looking for images and ideas to fuel my online Facebook launch of my novel.  It takes place on 6/16, the release date.  I encourage you to follow my author Facebook and join the event! See https://www.facebook.com/pamelacanepablog/ and join it just for fun.  I am trying to make it interesting, and my book trailer should be ready by then.  It’s been fun searching for just the right visuals.

On the subject of escape, I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of books, the most recent are Letters to Eloise and Fail to the Chief.  The first: contemporary fiction of a mother-to-be and her drama with the father of her child, told in letters, love letters, letters to her unborn child, etc.  It values the written word and takes place in a time before texting and social media ruled our lives.  Very heart-warming.  Fail to the Chief was political satire and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It pokes fun at political candidates, and since I think none of them can be trusted, I loved this book.  On the subject of reviews, I’ve been trying to send out my new manuscript Advanced Review Copies to a few blogger/reviewers and only had a few respond saying they’ll review it.  Many of these sites are “Not currently accepting submissions” and overall, backlogged.  Well, I can certainly say I tried!

That sums it up, mostly.  School’s out.  I just need to clean my classroom next week.  Then, I’m free for the summer!  We had a great faculty get-together with lunch and I got to play laster tag for the first time.  I’m looking forward to reading, writing, reviewing, seeking reviews, searching for ways to promote and represent my upcoming novel.   Maybe I’ll get one or two little summer getaways. It’s EXCITING!  Life is good.  Not easy, but good.

*Weekend Coffeeshare is hosted by Emily at nerdinthebrain.com, so hop on over there and see some of her shares, won’t you?  See her post for this week at http://www.nerdinthebrain.com/weekendcoffeeshare-the-one-where-things-are-coming-along/ You may even decide to create your own.  I’ve rambled about myself enough today.  I’m off to see what others are up to!

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