Weekend Coffee Share, A Time for Every Purpose

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. Join me for your favorite beverage. It’s matcha green tea on ice for me. Let’s chat a while! Bixby may even visit at some point.

I found no flourishing mushrooms this week. 😦

I had a good walk yesterday morning in search of my morning coffee at my neighborhood Starbucks. Alas, only their drive-through was open, so I made it a more exercise- focused walk and iced some coffee when I got home. I’m sure it’s due to the recent surge of COVID cases. Their inside cafe was open when I went two weeks ago.

Just like everyone else, I’d like these COVID surges to be over! Our president has it, one of my friends came down with it, and a few other people I know are coming down with colds and sinus issues. I haven’t been around many people this week, but when I’m back at school I’ll be surrounded by students. I’ll have a mask handy for times I need to work more closely with students.

Green tea brewing in the 🌞.

No flourishing mushrooms were found on the week, just one, solitary, disconnected individual. Maybe they aren’t getting enough ground moisture. It has been hot daily until the rain. I frequently make sun tea; the above photo is green tea brewed in the sun. Would you believe the lawn was just mowed 5 days ago?!

Friday, it felt like 103 degrees. Today, it is similar, but there’s a 100% chance of rain later, and I welcome that! I’m getting a massage later, and I’ll do some reading, maybe also a little writing. It has been a slow writing week, but I’ve slept in daily, relaxed, and got some exercise. A chair yoga class on Wednesday gave me a great upper body stretch, something I really need more of in my weekly routine!

Tuesday, I joined my boyfriend for Trivia. We really enjoy it, even though we haven’t one yet. 🙂 Last night, I had dinner with my mom and a neighbor at a cute little Thai restaurant. Our neighbor is an interesting and well-traveled woman, so the conversation was great! That, and I love Thai food flavors. 🙂 Mild spice, please.

That was my week in a nutshell. I hope all is well in your corner of the universe!


H is for Hiking. #AtoZChallenge

Mon.TrailShot1.16995997_10209124369295359_6999787220647151004_n They won’t stop and pose, so here’s a sneak photo, I call it a sneakie!

Everyone is getting along.  There is plenty of fresh air and movement, no time or need for talk to fill the space, though I throw some words in now and then.  My son replies in one-word answers.  He doesn’t talk to me much lately as he has entered adulthood, but the trail does not require much talk anyhow.  Our dog is happy as a jumping bean and my son is the one holding his leash.  They are capable of the same pace; I lag behind, and that’s okay.  They have youth ahead of me.

The hike through a local trail has been an excellent way to spend family time.  Especially when my son didn’t have a job and needed to get out of the house.  It’s a good thing for my dog any day, he loves to run, sniff, explore, and to do it all with his human companions is just golden to this loyal canine.  My son has bever been overly enthusiastic about having this dog, yet they are totally compatible on the path, neck and neck.  I must add though, that my son doesn’t wait too long for the dog to sniff and I interject about that at times, but it’s all good.

Now, my son’s employed again and a bit more independent.  Not to mention, he gets a lot of exercise while working.  He may not need the hikes so we may not be taking as many.  I may just have to store this in my bag of tricks for any day in the future when he feels down and needs an excursion.  In the meantime, I may be spending more time at the dog park.  Bixby loves to run and sniff with other dogs, and we haven’t been in a while.


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**The AtoZ Challenge theme for my blog is “Who I am.” Yes, it’s wide open.  In April, I will blog from A to Z to include little tidbits about me, poems I’ll share, and stories. Each day I will write something based on the next letter in the alphabet.  It’s been fun so far, yet it has really given me a chance to pause for reflection as well.

Want to know more about the A-Z blog challenge?  Visit http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com

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