Dance of Life. #poetry

2006. Ballroom dance practice.

Blackshoe2IMG_0009 2009, before I retired these shoes.


Dance of Life by Pamela Schloesser Canepa, (c) 2019

Please don’t tell me how to dance
and don’t critique my dance
This dance is life and is not a dance with death,
it is a dance with what I’ve been given.
Don’t check the boxes while I dance
My dance is what I’m feeling inside
My dance is where I am in life…
It changes all the time.
To think I used to wear those shoes,
I danced away depression and blues.
Did I worry about a judge?
I also forgot to bear a grudge.
Now here I am, sneakers and yoga pants
and I still at times break into dance.
Sometimes the flow of words is my dance,
Sometimes comforting a child is my dance.
Don’t stare and check your boxes,
the dance is the story, a story, partly fiction
the story is me, the dance is survival
One can only live through self-expression.
I am not within the box,
and no one else draws my lines
so join me if you dare, or laugh along.

Yes, laugh, I said. It means that we’re alive.


Weekend Coffee Share, The Bucket List


Welcome to the #WeekendCoffeeShare, hosted by Allison at I’m departing from the usual catch-me-up conversation, and I’d like you to just dream with me. It was Holy Week this week and I attended a somber Maundy Thursday service, then had a diagnostic appointment and a funeral memorial to attend Friday for my neighbor who was only 63. Everything turned out fine at the appointment, though, and the memorial was heartwarming. Still, it gets a person thinking about their own mortality. I have added to my bucket list, and likely will keep doing so. Even if I never get to these, I have gotten to some! So, sit with me, sip your favorite latte, tea, or other appropriate social drink, and lets dream as if we’ll live forever!

*Some I have done. Okay, very few. 🙂

  • go whitewater rafting*
  • go hang gliding over a mountain
  • see the Grand Canyon*
  • go sky diving
  • publish a book *
  • Do a book signing for a published book!*
  • learn to fly a small two seater plane, and do so!
  • visit the bookstore in SF where Kerouac hung out!
  • take a trip to Italy
  • witness the sun rising in 52 different cities:Done-Jax, St. Augustine, R. Iceland, Vegas, Brunswick GA, Middletown RI, Nassau, The Bahamas
  • visit Ireland or London
  • try beer yoga
  • try goat yoga
  • try helium beer with my best friend from high school. Wait, they say it doesn’t exist? Maybe it will by the time I get to it. LOL!
  • Visit Madeira
  • Visit Cape Horn and witness where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Learn French!
  • New Orleans, Joan of Arc parade

Do you have similar dreams? I’ve decided it is okay if I only get to some of them, and my excitement over Cape Horn led me to purchase a book about two people who sailed around it. I can’t believe I still haven’t tried goat yoga! I’m getting so close. This is the year!

Dream with me, my friend!

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