Midweek Musings, Proud

Monday, during my planning time, I had one of my Yearbook/Journalism students stay after the class to translate our week’s club activities into Spanish for our podcast. He wasn’t confident at first, but then he wrote out an outline in Spanish and went ahead.

Needless to say, it sounded great to me! This will represent the diversity of our school and make our News and Podcast more accessible. I’m so proud! It was the first time I used a new recording software all by myself. I love learning learning new things and getting into the 21st century! I love that my students found the confidence! There is one other student who can help with this, although they have to do it during their elective time during the school day. Still, it is a win!

Tuesday, on Valentine’s day, my love surprised me by having a bouquet of flowers delivered to me that included roses, carnations, and tiger lilies, all red. It’s beautiful! He has been busy since he went back to work full time after having been retired for a year, so I had no hints that this would happen this year. What a lovely surprise!

Have a great week! I’m staying positive!


Morning Bliss. #poetry

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com

Poem by Pamela Schloesser Canepa, (c) 2021


The dog comes back in, pep in his step

dirt stuck to his back, paws gray.

I laugh at his small blissful rebellion

As he will be bathed today.

I hope he got the best from that moment!


The sun peaks in gently, not fierce

Where I’ve left the door open a crack…

I hear the birds as I breathe in the fresh air;

and though soon, oppressive summer will be back,

Today, it is still Spring.


Sun salutation!

Weekend Coffee Share, Grounding. #poetry

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. On this busy week, I struggled with sleep then made up for it all last night. 🙂 It’s a green matcha tea morning, and I’d like to share a poem I wrote and intended to publish earlier this week. This way, I can get to the park with my dog sooner! I’ll drop by some of your Coffee shares later.

Another day to wake up, clean up, show up.

Realizing philosophizing is making me want to throw up.

So, today I’ll stop looking at the skies and wondering why

I’ll turn my gaze down to the creatures on the ground

The ones that surround and keep me company,

I will rise and shine like the birds chirping this morning,

the sunshine peeking over the trees providing light and warming

The dog that is sniffing at the door to be let out

Then asks to come back in with a bark that shouts,

“Thank you for the outing, but I want to be with you!

I’ll need an outing later, but there are other things to do.”

I reach out and let him ground me

Let his love and kid-like joy surround me.


It is what it is, beyond our control,

But you can still love life, deep in your soul

Can I forget for a moment, what baffles me

and live each moment joyfully?

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