Weekend Coffee Share, No Hurry

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share,  hosted by Natalie the Explorer. This morning consisted of  peach mango V8 juice that contains green tea. I’ve encouraged my son to make a call enquiring about medical insurance costs on his own, so that’s happening in the background.

Yikes! Time flies. He’ll be 26 in April, so it’s time he learns to make these inquiries. Later, I’ll go to the gym with him. His dad works more on weekends now, so I get to go as his guest. Jusy another part of staying active, but I get to bond with my son as well!

Time flies…

Allow me to spiral back now to last weekend. I took him to the gym, then we stopped at a Mediterranean deli/cafe for lunch. It just recently started opening on Saturdays again. I think their food is great, but there were no other customers when we went. That could be good for us, though.

The owner was in no rush, so we had to wait for him to flip some channels and find the football game he wanted. “I’ll be right with you,” he said. He was friendly enough, and he did get to us and our order. Neither of us minded. It’s kind of nice to take a break from the rat race, you know? Did I really have any need to ask him to speed up? Nope.

We sat at a table and waited. When our food was done, the owner thanked us and told us it was just him and the young lady in the kitchen,  told us how many years he’d been there, etc. We got home with our food, mine a Greek salad, and I noted the extra pitas they had put in there. Yes, there should never be a need to hurry on a Saturday! I’ll definitely go back again, and I’m glad to support a locally-owned business! In this anxiety-filled world, we should all be in less of a hurry sometimes.

Nor have I forced myself to hurry at all today. Sciatica disturbed my sleep a few nights last week, but last night I slept great and even slept in this morning. I’m finishing this up on an exercise bike at the gym. Sorry, it seems like I’m ‘phoning in” my Weekend Coffee Share! I waa moving so slowly at home, but I don’t mind multi-tasking now. I normally read while on the treadmill anyway; it helps me not to get bored from exercise!

If you’ve been around my blog a while, you’ll know I may complain at times, but I’ll never give up!

I’m going to stick with that attitude this weekend. Make it a great Saturday, and an even better week, my friends!


#WeekendCoffeeShare. Let’s Not Talk About Work!

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at Eclectic Ali. I’ve had three non-coffee days this week. I can’t believe I survived! I substituted matcha green tea for coffee. My worst day this week was a coffee day, not because of the coffee, it’s just that having had coffee did not solve the issues.  Seriously, I love my daily coffee, but I already have enough tension in my body and my brain. To reduce this, I am trying to reduce the coffee. 


Lately,  I’ve been working on my peace of mind and staying active and healthy goals. This Spring and Summer were all about that. Exercise is great for me, but my job is taking over. I’m going to manage it. It will not take over a healthy me! So, let’s not talk about work.

I look at myself from two years ago and see the difference.  I suffered with my shoulder issue this summer but got past it! I look more confident.  Emotionally,  I’m doing better because I have tackled some problems that were failing me. I also recall that the 2018 picture was in Rhode Island.

My son and I stayed in RI to visit my dad, a self-described bull in a china shop, a thirty year recovered alcoholic , and a very admirably active senior.  He kept us very busy, and we’d walk for miles touring his town (Middleton), which was lovely.

But we won’t forget his bull-in-a-China shop attitude. He took us sailing with a buddy, out to the choppy sea where we both almost hurled or passed out. Growing up a people pleaser due to my dad’s alcoholic anger and the sexist things he would often say, I kept the peace. But that does not keep peace inside me, and it doesn’t sit well with me now. He certainly does not talk to people like he used to. Still, I learned something from this rough sailing and my non -reaction; this sort of thing shaped me as a child.  Now that I have processed it, I’m going to change it.

Reykjavik, age 4.

Don’t ask my mom about the time in Iceland when I was four, and Dad took us mudding in his Landrover, heading for a rumored bottomless pit.

“It’s just a rumor,” he said, or something like that.

“We’re getting out of here!” Mom took me out of the truck and we went to dry land. She never told me the rest, but this experience also shaped me. I was not safe in the hands of someone I should be able to trust.

Thus goes the journey I’ve undertaken in this last year dealing with the results of distrust and feeling so out of control of my life. I’ve been so good at sweeping traumatic, stressful family events of the last 6 years under the rug, that it all blended with past experiences to make a green soup of indigestion, pain, stress, tension, insomnia, etc. I’ve found some helpful online groups for venting. I use a meditation and pain app. Does it all work? I am still at the start, learning to be mindful of my brain’s usual reactions.

In other, lighter news, I had an appointment with the orthopedic doc about my shoulder.  He says I’m almost at 100% healed of the frozen shoulder based on my mobility, and I don’t need to place limits on myself! It’s not time to get lax, though. I have to monitor any aches but not let them stop my living. I will stay diligent and keep up the exercises; I also have other health goals to meet or maintain. I can do this!  I am feeling good overall and staying active.

I hope you all have a great week and progress toward any goals you may have!

Weekend Coffee Share, 1/25. Moving along…


Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Antoinette!  Today consisted of a drive to Southern Georgia with my boyfriend to see his dad, and now I am relaxing, looking at the papers I brought home to grade.  Tomorrow will have to do.

My shoulder has been feeling better.  The back is better too, but last night, for some reason I had sciatica return to the left side.  I did, however, get 7 hours of sleep, and I’ll take that any time over what I’ve been getting lately!

I’ve been taking an online course in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  I mentioned, last week, that at times I feel my thoughts over-thinking and/or telling myself I didn’t do something right, checking and re-checking, tending towards OCD.  The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course is for anxiety and depression, which can be related and sometimes even come together.  At any rate, it also identifies OCD as a type of anxiety disorder.  Makes sense.  One suggestion was to wear a rubber band and snap or ping it whenever you recognize these thoughts occurring.  So, I started doing this.  Let me give it some time before I tell you what I think of this strategy.  However, I did wear it to school Friday, and my day went well, maybe just for knowing it was there?  Time will tell.

I watched a little Netflix last night, and tonight I’ll meet my boyfriend for a good dinner somewhere.  I have decided that, on Valentine’s Day weekend, I’ll let him give me a ride on his motorcycle again; it has been three years since I’ve done that.  I stopped after I got sideswiped and pushed over to the curb three years ago, then having a panic attack.  It was scary, I’ll admit.  It may have activated the back and shoulder trouble.  I tensed up horribly and felt myself doing so for months afterward whenever I drove at high traffic times and especially on bridges.  It’s likely just one exacerbating factor.  At any rate, I told him we could take a short ride on the motorcycle.  It is a big hobby of his, and he does read my books, so I think I should do this with him every now and then!  Plus, doing so will make me feel so brave and like I have overcome a lot of the pain and  negative self-talk that got me up to where I was when my doctor referred me for physical therapy.  It would be a sign of progress!

This week, I worked on my Gifted Endorsement class a lot and the only writing I did was  for a blog challenge called Fandango One Word Challenge.  (I love these)! I wrote a poem in response to the word: Profile.  Have a look:  https://pamelascanepa.wordpress.com/2020/01/24/fortune-cookie-psych-profile-fowc/

At times, it reminds me of myself.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  How was your week?

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