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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“Break the Endless Loop.” (c) 2019, Pamela Schloesser Canepa


When you’re under forty, you buy.

But after buying more, you need more

And this sickly need has you caught.


They market what you don’t need

You’re not hungry but still feed;

Health suffers from this excess.


Love won’t come in a dish.

Physical things can’t fill your wish.

It’s time to reject the fraud.


Now a herd of doctors, doing their best

Prescriptions, check-ups, many tests.

(It could have been avoided, just confess).


Unless you can make a drastic change.

Be a new person, change your ways.

Love people, not habits, or tangible things.

Yes, such an unrealistic dream….


***A 100 word poem that tells a frightening story.  This response is based on the photo prompt given weekly for Friday Fictioneers’ challenge at





Weekend Coffee Share. Writerly Bits


Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at  How shall I “spit out the butt ends of my days and ways?”  That’s my nod to T.S. Eliot, by the way, from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.  But I digress..

I just got my manuscript back for the sequel to Detours in Time!  I’ll be madly busy for at least a month now.  It’s okay!  I live for this.  I also have the cover planned out.  Woohoo!  It’s a beauty.  I can’t wait to show you all.

Not only will I have that to do, but I entered a screenplay contest, just as a learning experience.  The contest includes feedback, so I feel as if I can grow from this and improve my writing in another genre that could open up a whole new world of doors for my writing journey….This contest starts the day after my son’s twenty-second birthday.  So there will be some celebrating in the next week as well!  Yes, I am so grateful he made it this far, and grateful the 21st birthday only had to happen once.

Work is also a very busy place right now as we gear up for state testing.  Lesson plans have to be tailored since one test will start next week, and classes will be a little shorter.  Yet, we are still getting them ready for the English test that is the week after.  Added to that mix is the sudden case of Spring fever all the kids seem to have.  Uggghhh!  Wait, did I tell you all yet how much I love a challenge?  Okay, it’s a little stressful, but I do have a massage scheduled this weekend, and I am considering another salt-water float for a few weeks from now.  I have big goals, but one of them is to maintain balance, I promise.  Deep breaths.

In the #dogstagram world, my canine Bixby almost has 1,000 followers.  Find him at @bixby_fluffikins if so moved!  Yes, I have been networking there.  Sometimes it’s the perfect escape when I put my feet up after work.  I have my own Instagram for my life and writing journey, but it is receiving maybe weekly attention.  It will get a burst of energy when I publish my sequel.  All that, and I still read books, though not as quickly as I used to.  I just posted yesterday about an interesting read called Auroria, a book I highly recommend.  Here is the link to the blog post, which is now part of a regular series on my blog posted at very irregular intervals: Books You May not Know of….

So I just now realized my post title is a reference to Bridget Jones.  Did anyone catch that?  ;’)  I am just full of the Literature references.  All of this makes my weekend feel very Lit!  (Sorry, teen slang reference).

I hope you all have a great weekend and next week is wonderful as well!  How are things in your world?

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