An Author Discovered: Eva Pasco

An Enlightening Quiche

Allow me to introduce Eva Pasco, a fellow author that I have met in Goodreads and Facebook forums.  Eva’s book, published for just a year now, has been making waves, and I admire her marketing strategies.  She is also a tireless supporter of other indie authors.  Read more about Eva below!

Today’s guest—Acclaimed Contemporary Women’s Fiction author, Eva Pasco

A Jill-of-all-Trades in the progression of life—a factory fatale gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining, collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding, getting downright dirty while screwing at H & H Screw Products, and teaching in the third-grade classroom trenches—Eva Pasco turned a corner after retirement.

AuthorEva P.

Reviving a dormant flair for writing, she braved the arduous journey along the Indie author’s untrammeled path, a route chosen to bypass literary agents and take full control of the publication process from cover to copy through the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction.


Her recently published novel, ‘An Enlightening Quiche,’ has received much acclaim:


Midwest 5-Star Review

2017 ATAI Fiction Finalist (5-Star Badge)

Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Seal

Underground Book Reviews (Perfect Pitch Pick)

1st out of 77 Books Set in Rhode Island (Goodreads)


In one sentence, what is ‘An Enlightening Quiche’ about?


 An heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry turn up the heat during the aftermath of a tragedy in Rhode Island’s mill town of Beauchemins.


Who is your specific reading audience and why?

 My book is specifically written for women 40 and older. I write with this age group in mind because having been there and done that, I can infuse my stories with realism that squeezes every ounce from the pulp of life: dreams and disillusionment; darkness and light; emptiness; fading beauty; displacement; love and sacrifice …

By the time women have reached the age of 40, they’ve earned the type of story that pays them respect and exonerates the lives of ordinary women who are often unsung heroines.


What would you say is the single most important idea you’re sharing in your book that is really going to add value to the reader’s life?


Letting go!


We cannot allow our past to hold us hostage any longer than it already has without confronting and coming to terms with it.  Doing so will give us the courage to overcome adversity and empower us to make a change for the better.  Otherwise, we become our own worst enemy!


 If you could compare this book with any other book readers might already be familiar with, which would it be and why?


I’m going to cite My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout because her book and mine focus on the theme of complicated mother-daughter relationships. Whereas, Strout’s novel exposes a relationship through the portal of a hospital visit, my portal is an heirloom quiche recipe for my protagonist to decipher the past and turn her life around.


In addition to having written two novels, Eva has composed over one hundred Memoirs about growing up during the Sixties, as well as numerous essays pertaining to the era, and her native state of Rhode Island.  She also writes a weekly blog related to writing and social marketing.  All of her literary works can be viewed on her web page at Authors Den where she updates her status daily, and you’re welcome to follow her:


You can also find her on Goodreads:


‘An Enlightening Quiche’ @ Amazon:


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