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It is rare that I post a blog entry two days in a row, but I wanted to share this with you all.  You see, I felt more at home writing this story, as it didn’t have to stay in the confines of a romance genre.  I would love to have this work seen and read by many more people.  You’ll love following Norrie to see where she goes!


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#RRBC #sci-fi #amwriting An Interview with My Main Character, Norrie

norrieNorrie is a main character in one of my sci-fi novellas.  We saw her grow up in Made for Me, a sci-fi romance, and now, she is a star of its sequel, the sci-fi coming of age novella, Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes.  Norrie is now twenty-two years old and is a Master’s student of Ethics in Robotics.


Interviewer:  Good morning, everyone!  We’re here in the home studio, and I am interviewing Nora Jensen.

Norrie: Norrie.  Call me Norrie.  Please. ( Forces a smile).

I (for interviewer): Oh, no problem, Norrie.  Welcome.  As I was saying, Norrie mysteriously teleported here from the future and is willing to sit and chat with us. Thanks so much for being here, Norrie.  Have some tea, and help yourself to some of those cookies on the platter.

Norrie: It’s my pleasure being here.  Yes, I’ll have some cookies!  (Smiles more genuinely this time).

I: So, I hear you are quite an activist for equal rights and ethics in technology.  Tell us, have you ever been arrested?

Norrie:  Not yet.  Well, I was thrown out of a national symposium.  That was an honor.  (Winks).

I: What do you feel most passionate about?

Norrie:  I believe man has to be responsible to his creations.  If you create something to be just like you, then you should not treat it like dirt on your shoe.  Similar to the cruelty against animals clause.  They are another living thing and deserve the good treatment you’d want for yourself if they were the ones holding the leash. Some would argue a creation of man is his to do with as he pleases. Well, not when you are using living DNA.

I:  As far as activism, what do you think of the Women’s March on Washington coming up in January?  Are you familiar with this?

Norrie:  Oh yes.  If I could stick around, I’d be there.  There are so many ways that humans try to oppress each other, and the oppression of any woman for any reason is totally unconscionable.  I do think the new president should be shown that. There is power in numbers, and we have to stick together. But my time here in 2016 is limited, so I will have to be there in spirit.  Things are much better for women in 2054, well, unless you’be been branded as lesser.  There’s always a battle, I suppose.  I’m trying to fight against that.
I: So, are you interested in politics?

Norrie: Not really. I think politicians are all greedy.

I:  Are there any other current world affairs that still are an issue in 2054?

Norrie:   Oh, yes.  Take global warming, for instance.  We humans have done that to ourselves, and yet, many of mankind will refuse it exists in order to keep the oil business going.  Oil has gotten much more scarce in my time, by the way.  So the oil conglomerates charge a horrendous amount for those that are proud enough to pay it and own that status symbol:  a car.  It’s really unnecessary where I’m from.  I am part of a task force through the university that is trying to make the powers that be accountable.  It pains me though, because I can see where this is leading.  It is sure to lead to more wars.  We will be our own downfall.  (Shakes her head).

I: On a lighter note, this question was sent in by a potential reader:  Do you have a love interest?

Norrie:  Wow, that was quite a switch.  Okay.  It’s like this. I love with all my heart: my family, my friends, my work.  I’ve been through a few breakups, and my mother is sometimes concerned about that.  I’ve gone through a few boyfriends lately.  But  I won’t compromise my principles for another pretty face.  Yes, I do have a current love interest, but I am not committing to anything except spending some of my time with him.  And I will drop a guy in a heartbeat if he tries to make me go against my principles.

I:  Tell me about your family.  You have said that they influenced you in many ways.

Norrie:  My parents were happily married.  They were a wonderful example.  Well, you know, they were my adoptive parents.  But they were the ones who parented me and have influenced who I am today.  They have made me the confident, warm-hearted person I am today.  I have met my biological father.  I’ll tell you more about that some other time.

I: What about your bio mother?

Norrie:  No idea.  Not currently.  That may be a future chapter in my life.  Although, I seem to have a lot to keep me busy right now, but I won’t rule it out.  Either way, it won’t change my respect and love for my mother, Abrielle Jensen.

I:  What’s keeping you busy in your life right now?

Norrie:  I am fighting against the latest technological nightmare of mankind which involves their goals to leave something of us behind that is immortal.  So, in other words, we might find a way to always maintain our dominion over the earth, and I totally disagree with it.  I’m sorry,  that’s all I can say about it right now.  I am part of a research group and activist’s group to try and stop it, and I may have to go into hiding.  So, yeah, that’s where I am right now.  (Smiles warmly, almost ironically).

I: Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes is a sci-fi, coming of age novella.  Why is it not a romance?  And what do you learn in this story?

Norrie:  There are some hints of romance, but it certainly does not follow a romance formula.  Romance for me is, hit or miss.  I am just learning what or who is right for me.  I suppose that takes several years?  If I am with a nice guy but it doesn’t work out, it’s because it wasn’t meant to.  But in this story,  I learn many things about myself, my boundaries, my family and heritage, and what I truly believe.

I:  Who is Sampson?

Norrie:  Sampson was, is, my father.  My adoptive father, and the only real father I knew.  He taught me that love sees no distinctions in class or status, among many other things.

I:  Well, Norrie, you do sound like you have an incredibly busy, fulfilling life!  Thanks so much for taking time out from your schedule to transport yourself here and answer my questions.

Readers, I do hope you will read more about Norrie, her mother, and Sampson’s legacy in Seeing Through Sampson’s Eyes!  You can download it here for Kindle or Kindle Unlimited:


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