A Date to Remember, Ch. 2. A Tale of Love in 2063. #amwriting #shortstories

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A Date to Remember, Ch. 2 © 2017.  By Pamela Schloesser Canepa. All rights reserved.

He’s going to love his Valentine’s gift, I thought, almost running back home under gray skies that could not cloud my mood. I had just been to see Roy, who was helping me with this effort.

Tom and I had discussed this, the possibility of a child. We saw Roy and Mavis with their child, Randy, who could not hear but communicated quite well with his hands at four. It was just a pity there was no official education for a child like him.  Since the “system” had decided not to fund or make available any health insurance for those who procreate without a permit, the government believed it could rightly do away with any such education. Those operating outside of the laws of society would do so without any help from society or the government.

Roy and Mavis were actually doing quite well. Mavis was researching and hoarding all the books and video uploads she could find to educate her child on her own. Health insurance? Roy was already a holistic healer (a profession that implied living on the fringes), and his self-studies made him an awfully good unofficial nurse/ sometimes doctor for children who were born to families on the fringes. His own child included. In fact, if I ever gave birth, he’d have to be the one to deliver it. Not to mention, no doctor would help me now…..

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#FFfAWchallenge “A Date to Remember”


Photo courtesy of Mike Vore

A Date to Remember, by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

(c) 2017,  All rights reserved


“It’s small, but cozy, and there’s no one around for miles,” Tom said.

He was being so sweet, trying to honor this special day.

“Wonderful!  Thanks for finding something on such short notice.”

He held my hand in his own.

“If we get a permit for a baby, we’ll move up.”  He looked at me shyly.

“Or not.”  I smiled, gazing on the truck.  Tom didn’t know I’d failed the genetic test.    Based on a small chance of Down Syndrome and/or addiction in future offspring, I’d never get approved.

“That’s okay, either way.  You are what matters to me.”  He smiled.

“I have to tell you something…”

“No, no explaining needed.”  He took my other hand and kissed me.  What a magical day.

On a tree, not far from our truck “room,” Tom carved our initials.  TC + LP, married May 12, 2062.


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