Oct. 29, 1929. #poetry



Oct. 29, 1929 by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

(c) 2018

On this day in 1929,

A crash was felt

to haunt us for all time,


For we depend on the paper god.

We are made whole

by what can be bought.


People felt it was the end.

No hope remained

and no godsend.


Children starving in mothers’ arms

Kids stealing and fighting

before the morning alarm.


Did we learn a single thing?

Out of this history,

does awareness ring?


Or is it simply a dark blight,

a blimp on our story,

to share on dark nights.


For this is the true horror tale,

Leaders, mothers, fathers failed.

and innocence, at once, assailed.


We’re all gearing up for Halloween and watching our favorite horror flicks to prepare, but did you know that today, in 1929, the stock market crash occurred that would lead the United States into the Great Depression?  Truly, what could be scarier than imagining what it felt like to be alive that day?  Is it worth remembering, is it a cautionary tale, or am I just obsessing over bygones?  Nonetheless, it is history, our history, and much can be learned from it.  


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