Weekend Coffee Share, Honor Thyself

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. This week brought a short work week, something most of us in the education field have welcomed! It’s below 70 today, which is cooler than it was yesterday, so I am enjoying some hot coffee!

This past Thursday, besides being Veteran’s day, was also the 7 year anniversary of bringing home our dog, Bixby, from the Humane Society. With a sullen teen/young adult in the family who didn’t talk to us much at that time, my mother and I were thrilled to bring a furry toddler home that wagged its tail anytime we came home! My son has even built a bond with this enthusiastic canine. He has changed our lives.

I am constantly reminding myself to love my life and where I am right now, instead of jumping ahead to the future and looking for guarantees; It’s hard. However, life is better than it had been months ago. My family is in a good place, my son is doing well, and I have steady employment. I won’t focus on the stresses of my job at this moment. 🙂

Seen at the mall last night. Too soon, too soon.

Still, the season may be affecting my moods a little bit. I am fortunate that I could reunite with my old friend/boyfriend who listened through a lot of my hardships this summer, and we enjoy spending time together, but I think back to last year’s Thanksgiving holiday; I have memories and start thinking how different this year will be. I am mindful that I am not alone but sometimes wonder why. Would I be okay if I was alone? So I am seeking more activities to do in my spare time and hopefully to meet more like-minded people. You can’t just rely on one person.

However, I am quite close to my mother, and my son and I are getting along well, even though he isn’t predisposed to being loquacious. I’m still investing in his well-being though. I took him to the mall yesterday to pick up something his dad ordered for him, then we ate in the Food Court. I had honey bourbon chicken with rice and veggies. It was tasty, but maybe not so healthy. I was glad we did something together, as my weekday life keeps me so busy right now. I am really hoping and praying for a teacher raise soon as I want to focus after school time on healthy living next year instead of seeking to supplement my pay.

The approach of the holidays also has me looking back on this year. This year reminded me that anything can change on a dime. I suppose we just have to see the silver lining in those changes. I mean, my son did change for the better. His dad is now in the picture for him, and though those dynamics sometimes stress me out, I do not have to live with him anymore, and my son is doing well living in my home again but being able to spend time with his dad weekly.

Sometimes I write in a gratitude journal in the morning. Yes, I have to actively practice gratitude, mindfulness, listen to a pain podcast sometimes to keep the negativity at bay. Gratitude can retrain the brain., but I’ve also learned to stay away from people who increase my negative thoughts. Trying to honor myself. Holidays can stress me out, but I am going to plan some low-stress time with loved ones. Then, I can be grateful for the time I have with them.

There’s my holiday survival plan. Thank you for reading! What’s your plan?


Weekend Coffee Share. I Survived…

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Antoinette T. Here we are the day after Friday the 13th, and I’ve already exercised and had my hair cut and styled. It was half a cup today, I’m sticking with that because I can’t go without, and I can’t risk my ability to sleep later. I fell asleep early on the couch the last few nights, but then I woke up at 1 or 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep for a few hours. So, there’s another entry in the Insomniac Diary. This was more sleep than my norm for the week, though. There’s a plus! Also, my dog came in and sat on the bed with me last night when I woke and started tossing a little.

I survived this Friday the 13th, which was an emotional roller coaster for so many different reasons. I survived by creating an atmosphere in my classroom that I myself could stand to be in as student or teacher. My students surprised to me. A student in my highly advanced class said I was her favorite teacher and I thanked her. I shared a highly personal poem that they loved. I wrote peace on Earth on my board, and a boy went up and drew and colored a beautiful Earth with blue and green. (Photo coming later). We all survived together. My student origami artist added a dragon to my collection! It now watches over me too. Though I still have new content for my insomniac’s diary, I have to tell you, life is good. ❤

On the writing front, I’m reading through Malachi again before I send it to an editor. I’m recording my insomnia experiences as well as my experiences with stress and how it may be affecting my health. I’m going to get wellness right, that is my goal, and someday I’ll take cardio yoga confidently! The physical therapy had a snag when I think I pushed too hard, so they gave me new exercises and it’s going much better now. My legs are getting stronger so my back will have a more stable foundation. As I visualize it and work toward it, I know this will happen!

That’s my week and my growth journey in a nutshell. I hope your week has gone well! Now I am off to cheer on some students who are ringing the Salvation Army bell today!

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