B is for Bumblebee. #AtoZChallenge


Where?  Providence, Rhode Island.  When?  Summer, 2009.  It happened when I lay my camera down.  The next time I saw it, there were all these new shots of everyday things at new angles.  My dad’s shed (my son and I were visiting him), a porch step, a flower.  Said flower happened to have a happy bumblebee hovering over it.  I applauded my son’s photography skills.  He had just turned fourteen.  The curiosity of his eyes through the camera lens shows through.  But, alas, he soon became a full-fledged teenager and grew interested in other things.  Nonetheless, I own the rights to this photo, and I am happy to share. 🙂

“Bumblebee of Wonder,” also posted at https://niume.com/post/294528

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