#WeekendCoffeeShare. Top 10 Sounds Accompanying my Morning

Noting the sounds around me is part of a mindfulness exercise from the book, Mindfulness Journal for Beginners. This exercise can help you to be more in the moment, especially if you are a worrier or an overthinker like I am. Here’s my top 10 for this morning:

1. I woke up hearing my son’s steps in the hall on his way to work. That gives me an idea of the time, and there was no need to sleep late, I had a good night’s sleep!

2. The pitter-patter of my dog’s feet on the tile floor, excited to wake me up, or is he urgently needing to get outside?

3. My dog’s sneeze and snuffle as he’s telling me he wants to go out. He doesn’t use his bark much to communicate, but rather, uses facial expressions and other sounds.

Bixby loves to move!

4. Geese flying overhead as I step out back with the dog. Those geese just love Northeast Florida, don’t they?

5. Soft rain drops, not even a sprinkle;  well, actually,  I  think it is just drips from the roof. No…now it is sprinkling. A peaceful sound.

6. Some construction machine,  probably blocks away, but not a bothersome sound.

7. My Keureg Coffee machine brewing my half-caff Hazelnut. Yes, it’s time for a coffee day! You may have whatever you like!

8. A Youtube mix containing Of Monsters and Men hits, one of my favorite bands. The urgent Winter Sound will wake you up and fill you with determination; the mysterious Slow Life could just take you into deep sleep. The lyrics of many of their new songs are quite thought-provoking. I may switch to Miles Davis when the coffee is done brewing.

9. There is the usual tick-tock of the clock, but I can drown it out by turning the music up, and sometimes that is what I prefer.

10. If this were a real coffee shop, I’d hear the lull of voices discussing how good their coffee is, our wildest dreams and goals (owning a farm with many dogs and creating a writers’ camp, becoming a comedienne), or the antics of an interesting member in their family. It all sounds good, as I am vowing to have some me time later and not to focus much on my job today.

Okay, I suppose I must share one thought from my week, as I challenge myself to form a mindset that helps me survive the everyday stress and the pandemic distance:

“Don’t grow up too fast, but if you must, save the good moments of your childhood: running through sprinklers, dressing up as imaginary characters, laughing at ridiculous things. They will help you through many hard times as an adult.” -Pamela S. Canepa

Or, to quote a more famous author: “Don’t grow up too fast, Darling. Age is inevitable, but if you nurture a childlike heart, you’ll never, ever grow old.” -Beth Hoffman

My most important goal.

How are things in your world? I thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend and an even better week!

#WeekendCoffeeShare Peacekeepers

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at Eclectic Ali. My brain is busy and jam-packed. Where do I begin?

I don’t know if this is writer’s block or what….adult ADD perhaps? Too much on my plate, too many worries, intermittent fight-or-flight brain and COVID anxiety; they overlap each other. I’ve been fighting sciatica again for a few days as well as a throbbing knee.

I sure needed a weekend. Random word generator has given me “wash” today. So, those pains are what I’ll wash away. The start of a weekend gave me a break… Work Saturday morning on things I’ll never finish at my day job. We gained an hour but it feels like my time was robbed. Well, maybe I got a little ahead. Helped a neighbor yesterday; the cops came out when called. The one in the lead was very friendly and helpful. I can’t even go into details, because someone else’s story is not mine to tell. But it reminded me of my son’s hard times. Things are better now for him, but it brought it back. The weekend will wash it away. I have to say the cops calmed the situation and stayed around to protect my mom and her friend. I went to work, and floated above every situation. The morning’s fear came to an end and washed its way down to the gutter of ‘things no longer needed.’

If I could survive that without losing it,

Could help the situation without confusion,

I can focus on a goal, handle moment by moment

Crisis need not destroy me, I know I can own it.

***Now. Deep sigh. Sometimes helping others in a hardship takes us out of our concerns. Friday night we asked my neighbor to dinner and we enjoyed an appetizer and relaxing dinner outdoors at a restaurant. Saturday, I slept in and did so today as well. Bixby porched it with me for a while. It was nice outside!

Bixby loves “porching it!”

No grading today. I’m writing now and getting a massage later. 🙂 Have a great week, everyone!

Weekend Coffee Share, Unwind.

Welcome to my Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at http://eclecticali.wordpress.com and observed by bloggers all over the world! My dog is my source of stress relief today. School has been terribly busy this week, and the pre-holiday ants-in-the-pants syndrome is widespread in middle schoolers. I was running on a large cup of hazelnut coffee and Advil yesterday.

Today, I’m really taking it slow. I need that, sometimes. Mind you, I love my job, because I am teaching a novel I love, by Walter Dean Myers. I’ve made connections with my students by discussing things I have in common with Myers, things that go beneath the surface.

I’ve also been sharing about things that I have written, like this book, From Bedlam to Ben, something I have been proofing before I get it into paperback, even though it was published for Kindle 3 years ago.

As I’ve probably already mentioned, Undercurrents in Time is now in audio, and it seems to be doing well!

I almost have no energy to deal with writerly things today, though.

I’m writing this on my phone while I’m couching it with my dog. He sort of accompanied me as I exercised on the porch this morning.

He also was glad to sit outside with me for 15 minutes in the sunshine on this 78 degree day. You’ve gotta love the Southeast! I really needed some lazy time with my dog! Now, I think I’ll go read a book.

Yes, it just may be a tearjerker, and I really don’t mind.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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